Aadhar Mehta, alumni of IHM Chennai [2014-17], secured All India Rank 1 in all his years at IHM and has cracked the Management Trainee programme at AccorHotels. In this exclusive interview with acadman.in Aadhar has shared his experiences. Enjoy reading!

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How would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

I strongly stand with Positivity and Optimism. Whatever happens, happens for a good reason, that’s the thought always run in my brain. Yes, I am ambitious, and to achieve my goal, I can strive day and night.

I am a proud Punjabi. I believe I got the best Upbringing in the World. Parents taught me, you can achieve anything in Life if you have the zeal, if you are ready to do Hard Work and if you are sincere towards the task you are doing. I want to write about myself and everyone I ever met, capture the essence of what it’s like to Live.

How was your Industrial Exposure Training Experience?

Seventeen weeks in the Huge JW Marriott, New Delhi Aerocity seemed like a really long period when I first began my Industrial Training but went by ever so quickly and have left me craving for much more. I got my first real experience of being a hospitality personnel in the Hotel, I realized that it was by no means an easy task and one that requires immense enthusiasm and perseverance.

The experience was highly enriching and educative one as I went on from one department to another; met and got the opportunity to train under several highly respected senior professionals. I learned that every individual is different and every one has something unique to offer.

Journals are Asset for Students to Carry Throughout His Life: S. Rajamohan, Principal @IHM Chennai

Let me tell the readers, after completion of my 2nd year, I again went for a 1-month Vocational training in Westin Chennai Velachery particularly in Front Office- the department where I wanted to see myself in Future. Few people told me that I am mad as I sacrificed my holidays but frankly speaking, that particular Training was the best thing to boost up my confidence.

Tell us about the process of cracking the Management Trainee Programme at AccorHotels.

Management Trainee is not the correct word when it comes to AccorHotels. The programme says “New Gen Leader”. The Process is quite interesting as well, just like its name. It all started in October 2016 when we heard the news of Accor Campus Drive. They started with their Presentation then we went for Group Discussion, and then Psychometric Test, then a Personal interview.

Getting through all of them was merely a dream come true for me. Then after few days, there was an Assessment Centre Round and then we had the Final interview in one of the Accor Hotels in Chennai.

Further after few days, we got the Final result along with the Offer Letter. And Yes I would like to tell here that I am a Proud New Gen Leader in Front Office Department.

What skills are required to crack management trainee programme?

There are no too much skills required to be an MT. I believe you just need to be a Smart person, a multi-tasker, sincere and dedicated towards your goal, and with communication skills. Talking about communication, it should be made very clear that communication and soft skills play a major role. It’s not always what you say, it’s actually the way you say. Your behavior, tone of voice, body posture, your speaking as well as listening skills, patience, resilience, stress management, time management and most importantly self-confidence are the key skills, according to me, to be an MT and last comes the Technical Skills and your bookish knowledge.

What is your responsibility as a Management Trainee at the Hotel?

The experience and the exposure which I got as an MT is way different from all other MTs of my batch. I got the best experience of a pre-opening hotel being in the pre-opening team and that too a Combo hotel (Novotel+ibis). Before joining, I was quite confused as what my job responsibility would be, but the moment I joined, I was considered a very crucial part of the team. I got the best people as my managers, superiors, and subordinates. Their doors are always open, extremely approachable.

I am responsible for the department, for my colleagues, and most importantly for the Guests. I am responsible for prompt and courteous Welcome, taking check-ins, check-outs of the guests, solve their problems, doubts, queries and assuring Guest Satisfaction. I am responsible for the calls coming to the hotel either from the In-house guests or anyone from the outside World. I am responsible for making the best experience for my guests.

What is the role of marks in cracking the Management Trainee program?

Honestly, I was waiting for this question. I fell immense proud to say that the college has helped me bag the golden achievement of securing All India Rank -1 for three consistent Academic years of college. The feeling is great when you make your parents proud along with making college, friends and most importantly faculties proud.

But, Marks and Management Trainee does not have a relation in between. There was a time when marks were considered everything for selection in big companies but nowadays it’s more of a personality based selections; how well you speak, how good your presence of mind is, how smart and extra-ordinary are you. So according to me and my experience, marks were not a criteria of selection.

What would be your message to students of hotel management who want to crack the MT program?

You should be focused on what you want to do, which department you want to go in, you should be ready to work for ‘N’ number of hours to achieve your goal, you should be positive, you should be patient, you should be confident, you should be ready to learn- anytime & everytime.

Being practical, I agree there are students who become very disappointed after facing few rejections from the hotels as MT position, for them I want to say – People! Never lose hope, the best is yet to come. It’s just that you do not fit into the exact profile which the company is looking for, but surely, you will ace it one day.