About Us

Acadman is the sole non-profit website of all students across India. It provides interviews of successful, experienced and unconventional personalities from different fields.

Apart from this, it also delivers notices and internship experiences to students and presents a platform for them to share their opinion on our world’s social and political milieu.

Want to Contribute?

You can also contribute to this website by taking some imminent personality’s interview on your own and get it published here.

You can help fellow students by sharing your internship experience or a notice of your college which might be relevant to others.

Student’s Voice

No longer do you have to wait for the media to hear your voice. Your views, opinions and thoughts will be published at Acadman without any censorship and you’d be able to reach out to thousands of students.

If you are willing to work passionately for the students cause you can write an e-mail at alok@acadman.in