Felix Bendish calls himself a Fashion Entrepreneur whose style is defined by strong Asian influences and historical designs but excluding the excesses and blended together to create fashionable ensembles.

The designer launched his label Felix Bendish in 2001 by the opening of a design studio in Mumbai. The range of collections includes wedding gowns to evening dresses, each with the perspective of international trends.                        


Introduce yourself to our readers. 

Felix Bendish is a Fashion lifestyle brand that caters to clothing and accessories, based in Mumbai

Currently in trade with London, New York, and Japan

Where did you go for your schooling?

St Xavier’s in Mumbai

From where did you complete your bachelors?

Commerce graduate from Mumbai University

Why did you not go for conventional courses like B-Tech or Medical? Which factors do you believe shaped your decision to join Fashion Designing/Technology college?

I strongly believe that one should follow their dreams. If you have the talent and the capacity, then go for it.

What was your branch of study in college, was it Fashion Designing or Fashion Technology?

Fashion designing

Could you tell about your internship experiences? What sort of internships did you prefer and what learning experiences did you gain from it?

I did my internship in a fashion export house as, I wanted to understand the business of the trade, economics, suppliers, accounts and design sensibilities from the buyer

These things help you in long run.

Any remarkable experiences during your internships that shaped your career?

Costume design as a part of internship helped me in time management.I learned how to make a product in a limited time frame.

What were your areas of interest during your graduation? How did you go about developing expertise and knowledge in these areas?

I was very clear that I wanted to do designing, as I was very creative.In fashion designing that’s key, as I make new innovative ideas and show my buyers to get good bookings. We do fashion shows and events in London, Paris, Japan and Amazon India fashion weeks.

So one must be creative to show a good line of collection.

How important is it to pursue higher studies in fashion? Did you go for masters?

One should do masters only in a specific area of interest. After graduation, one must work at least of 3 years, then understand the space of interest to study.

Do you feel that your college education had prepared you sufficiently for the many tasks you were required to execute during your internships and later at your job?

Yes, formal education is important, as the outside world has no time for errors and mistakes. No company will appoint if you are not sound in your work.

How much grades matter in getting a good job? Tell us about other activities which play a major role.

It’s not grade . I think it’s your interest in the subject and knowledge and performance

Everybody cannot be good in everything, so one must understand its plus points and pursue that career. so may be good in designing or merchandising or writing or pattern making.

A lot of people in this field dream about starting their own label but most of them are unaware of the technicality related to this. So would you like to illuminate us with the delicacies of starting one’s own label?

Price is key for any Product. One must open its business only with experience, to avoid mistakes. Capital and finance is a must in business.

To get your own label you need to understand the market needs, labour management , stocks, marketing, media skills, networking, quality products, trade fairs.

Starting your own label is like a shot in the dark, so what are the risk involved in starting your own venture? What are the chances of its success?

Good design, quality design, competitive pricing, correct marketing would make a successful product

Give 3 years to break even in a new business.

What is your advice to those who want to start their own label

Be focused, as a lot of finance is involved in your own business. so learn the trade first and then jump into the fashion business.Its very very competitive, buyers are aware of everything these days.

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