An incident of violence at the Institute of Hotel Management – Srinagar between the Kashmiri students and the outsider students who reside in the hostel of IHM Srinagar has surfaced up. got phone calls from some students of IHM Srinagar around two o’clock on November 2nd informing about the incident. They were frightened. immediately gave this information to the superintendent of police – Srinagar who visited the college.

According to students at the IHM, the whole thing started when a girl from Bihar was standing outside the cabin of a faculty and a Kashmiri boy intentionally pushed her and went ahead, touching her private parts.

The girl got angry and asked that boy to apologize. The boy started shouting at the girl in order to suppress her voice.

A friend of the girl who lives in the hostel was passing through. He advised the Kashmiri student not to mis-behave. On which the Kashmiri boy became very angry and by then four-five Kashmiri students reached there and they all together started shouting at the hosteller boy. A Kashmiri boy also slapped the hosteller boy.

A faculty member rushed there, made the Kashmiri students calm and slapped the hosteller boy again.

A Kashmiri boy rushed from the back side and grabbed the hosteller boy’s neck and started taking him to a corner. But senior students from the hostel reached there and separated all of them.

Boys from the hostel were sent inside the hostel and local Kashmiri students were sent outside the IHM campus. The warden also locked the hostel’s gate for safety.

But just after half an hour, about 40-50 Kashmiri students broke into the hostel and started assaulting the hostellers. During which, a student fell unconscious and some got injured. The unconscious student was taken to the hospital who returned to the hostel late in the evening that day.

Students also told that college authorities and police officers are threatening them not to inform the media and the Principal (of IHM Srinagar) is taking no action.

Some students tried contacting the media but policemen seized their phone and slapped a boy who went to ask for his phone back.

“They beat us with the rods, chairs, and everything they found,” said a student.

Some students from the hostel believe that Kashmiri teachers support local Kashmiri students.

A boy staying in the IHM hostel told that “we are not safe even in the hostel. We feel afraid to go out of the hostel. Perhaps we made a mistake by coming to Kashmir.”

The part of the story below has been added on 05.11.2018 at 13:12 Hrs.

The Principal of IHM Srinagar told Aaj Tak (on 5th of November) that “if you have information about misbehaviour with a girl (from Bihar), I should tell you that it happened with two girls and the other girl is from Kashmir itself”.

But as per some student of IHM Srinagar, it is not true.

“Next day of the incident (3rd November), a Kashmiri girl alleged that a boy was showing his middle finger to her from the hostel window”, said the student.

The student continued, “we think they did so to frame us, make us compromise, and not complain the incident of violence to higher authorities.”

After publishing this post got hundreds of phone calls requesting and threatening to remove the post.

Ashiq Hussain (faculty at IHM Srinagar) called and when we asked him: Have we published anything wrong? “The act of publishing this story in itself is wrong”, Ashiq replied and also threatened to file a police complaint against the author of this post.

All the information in the post is provided by the students of IHM Srinagar. For comments, feedbacks, write at

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