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This post is written by Ujjawal Singh Khusagra, a law student at NLU – Punjab. He did the Lawctopus’ blogging course in January – 2017.

There can be multiple reasons as to why a person wants to start writing a blog. Whether one needs to share their personal experience or one needs advice or to express your thoughts and opinions or for market and promote something etc.

The reason why I choose to blog was to create awareness and to get my voice heard. I wanted to write political and social issues blogs to make difference in a way that people are not swayed by fallacious content online.

I had no clue how to write a blog so I took up Lawctopus online blogging course for 25 days in the month of January. One of the reasons listed as to why one should take up the course was you want to know totally-fully -marvellously about running a blog, but I didn’t find a single student who is running their blog successfully.

The foremost reason was that the course did not suffice the reasons of 10 or 15 odd students who took the course. It only focused on business blogs and what makes them successful. Not a single person from January batch could complete all the task based on certain guide papers.

The course focused on making money through the blog, marketing, and the coach’s [Tanuj Kalia, Founding CEO, Lawctopus] experience while writing his book. These features, of course, can add on to any knowledge about writing a blog but without knowing basics it would not help. Though along with this there was guide paper relating to search engine optimisation and formatting which were helpful.  Also, the course introduced to the style of some of the world’s great blogger like Seth Godin.

The course did not help me personally. I wanted to write blogs in Hindi so that I could reach to the maximum number of people but the coach did not pay much attention to it and in the name of personal coaching, there was no communication from his side.

Is the course worth the cost? No. The course is not worth rupees 3000. The course fails to provide any information regarding a guide for blog and mailing list, interviewing expert within niche, content creation.

The course is not worth taking unless it modifies its content. Take this course at your own risk because after the course is over you’ll realise that you’ve been investing your time and money into something that wasn’t worth it.

When acadman.in contacted Tanuj Kalia for his comments, he politely responded:

Firstly, apologies for the fact that the course did not meet your expectations. I take immense pride in running this course and put a lot of time and energy to ensure that it is delivered well. So, really, sorry!

Now, the course would help any blogger who wants to blog in any language. The core principles of blogging do not change. (However, if you expected me to evaluate your blog posts in terms of writing skills in Hindi, sorry, I’d be woefully incapable to do that).

Thirdly, the course has a minimum of 2 coaching calls scheduled. These are anywhere from between 5-20 minutes. Now, my question to you is: did you schedule these calls? If you did, did I not give time (that’s highly unlikely)?

Fourthly, you say, that the ‘basics’ of the blogging or creating a blog are not taught. Actually, that’s the ‘exact purpose’ of the course: to teach you the basics. The 2nd guide paper and the 1st compulsory task is all about creating a blog from scratch! Also, wrt content creation the guide paper on ‘Writing’ is ALL about that.

Yes, the course contains no information on creating a mailing list. It’s an important topic and thanks to your suggestion, I’ll try including it for the next batches. 

At the same time, I am sure you’ll understand, that I cannot cover ‘everything’ about blogging in a 25 day course. The intention is to teach 20% of the things that cause 80% of the results and give you enough tools/knowledge to put you on a path of self-learning.

Fifthly, if you are dissatisfied about the course, why didn’t you ask for a money back guarantee? (PS- you can still do that). Till today, more than 200 students have done the blogging course. Out of 200+ students 1 student asked for a refund because we delayed the delivery of the course modules (and not because of the quality of the course).

Anyway, I take your inputs on board and apologies again for your not-so-good experience.