Pankaj Kumar Mishra, executive chef, Barbeque Nation in this exclusive interview with has shared his experiences and views on Hospitality Industry. Enjoy reading!

How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Pankaj Kumar Mishra and I did my graduation from IHM Hajipur, I did my industrial training at ITC Sonar Bangla. After that, I have joined their management trainee program. Currently I am working as an executive chef at Barbeque Nation and so far my experience in the hotel industry has been absolutely fantastic.

Tell us about your schooling.

I did my primary schooling in Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh and after that, I moved to Darbhanga in  Bihar. After that, I joined IHM Hajipur

What was your reason behind joining hospitality industry?

In the beginning, I had no specific interest in the field of Hotel Management. When I was in Darbhanga, One of my friends told me to go for it and after that, I decided to appear in the hotel management exam and I got selected.

There are lots of doubts in parents regarding career in hotel management, they feel that it is not a right place to make career. What is your opinion on this?

Yes, there are lot of problems in the society regarding the career in hotel management. As I come from a middle-class family, my parents didn’t want me to join hotel management either.  But when I completed my degree I was very confident  to overcome this situation and right now I’m doing very well.One must overcome these kinds of situations because in a state like Bihar where most of the population is not much educated, it is very important to overcome these barriers.

What was your favorite department in the hotel management?

When I joined hotel management, I didn’t knew about the four departments in this industry but gradually I started to grasp it. Firstly I thought, I should choose Front Office, But due to communication problem, I decided to join the production which I thought was best for me.

How was your experience at IHM Hajipur?

My experience at IHM Hajipur was fantastic because whatever I am today is only because of IHM Hajipur as it transformed my my life completely for good

How much grades matter in securing good jobs?

Grades don’t really matter for jobs, All matters is the capability within you. If you work hard, you will definitely get a good job.

Do you think your college prepared you sufficiently for the job? 

Yes because in college there were lot of activities and I was involved in quite a few of them. And it was very helpful in bringing out the right kind of talent in me. Whatever I am implementing today is completely because of my college.

What kind of quality do you look for in students when you interview to hire them?

Confidence is the key to crack the interview and this is the only quality which can help the student to get through a good management trainee program.

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