The whole thing started when two students of the first-year at IHM Hajipur reportedly fought over some trivial issue. One student lives in the hostel while the other is a “day scholar”.

The day scholar called his third-year friends to “save him or just talk” with the other first-year students. But somehow the circumstances got changed and they fought with each other at the gate of the college (IHM Hajipur) when the college adjourned on 10th of this month.

The third-year students came next day in order to meet principal and a “settlement” with the first year students but they also carried belts to fight with or for their safety.

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Some of the first year students who live in the hostel at IHM Hajipur were eager to fight with their third year seniors, were standing at the hostel gate in civil dress with belts and chains and the fight started just before 9 am on 11th of this month at the hostel gate.

There were around eight-nine people involved from the first year and three-four from the third year in the fight.

The security guard present at the IHM tried to prevent the fight and few faculty members also arrived there when the heard the noise but, unfortunately, Amish Mallik, a first-year student, got an injury in his head.

Amish Mallik was immediately taken to a hospital where he got ten stitches.

While talking to the principal at IHM Hajipur, Sitesh Srivastav, said that four third-year students have been suspended until the time the investigation completes.

One of the suspended students told that, he has not been given a chance to present his side and he has nothing to do with that fight. “The act of my suspension by the principal is arbitrary”, he said.

IHM Hajipur is among one of the twenty-one premier central government Institutes of Hotel Management in India which is governed through National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

NCHMCT, which falls under Ministry of Tourism – Government of India, regulates academics activities in the field of Hospitality Education & Training in India.

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