One: It would not be an exaggeration to say that the infrastructure of RGNUL is one of the best in all law schools of the country. The lush green campus with beautiful premises is sure to leave students awestruck when they come to RGNUL for the first time.

Two: Air Conditioners are still a luxury for universities in our in country. RGNUL along with AC classrooms has AC rooms in hostels as well. The double occupancy rooms which students get for the first 3 years are quite spacious.

Three: RGNUL follows a relaxed bi-semester system. Along with exams and projects, students can easily participate in extracurricular activities as well as become part of several committees and research centers of the institute. The university also encourages students to go for national and international moots, for which they can easily prepare along with academic studies. Committees such as the Moot court committee, Literary and Debating Committee, Cultural committee do an excellent job of organizing different events. Various distinguished personalities are also invited to conduct conferences and seminars on legal and social issues.Four: The moot court committee of RGNUL is comprised of hardworking and able students who not only organize moots, but also prepare students to go for national moots by conducting oral rounds and thoroughly evaluating the memorials.

Five: Food is a major concern for hostel students. The mess food of RGNUL might not be comparable with homemade food, but is certainly better than the mess food of many other colleges and it quite manageable. A cafeteria in the academic block and café hideout are other good options in the campus. Recently a Verka booth has been opened in the campus. Also, since its Punjab and home of foodies, there are many delicacies of North India students can enjoy and many outlets in the city.

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Six: The teaching faculty at RGNUL is also doing an excellent job. The teachers are great mentors for students not only for academic purposes but also for moots and research papers. They are very hardworking and helpful and are available for guiding the students throughout the semester.

Seven: The amazing infrastructure of RGNUL also provides for a beautiful library and a spectacular auditorium. Along with Library, there is also a reading room where students can peacefully read and study. The seminar hall and moot court room are also a dream come true for law students.

Watch aerial View of RGNUL. Credits – RGNULTEDx Team

Eight: The university is thoughtful enough to have a guest room for the parents who can have a comfortable stay in the campus itself.

Nine: Fests like Spandan, Dakshini, Aghai, help students in rejuvenating themselves and indulging in activities they are interested in. Intra debate ,Intra moot competitions and many other events are organized throughout the year.

Ten: Students at RGNUL can have access to various legal databases like Manupatra, SCC online, etc. This facility is not available in most of the law schools in country.

Kashni Bathla, writer of this piece, is a law student at Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Punjab.