Akshat Jain, writer of this piece, is a second year law student at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab.

The mystique and glamour of lawyers is well known to all and sundry. The aura that enwreathes them is altogether divergent from that of any other professional. Yet there are loads of surmises amid students these days about how law serves as a thriving career option. So for those who possess forethoughts to pursue law, in order to make their decision easy-breezy, here are 10 best things about law as a career:

The Chief Advisor: Lawyers are the chief advisors of their kindred and the immediate society they belong to. Everyone looks upon them as their go to men whenever they land themselves into any kind of trouble, not only legal but general as well, because lawyers are reckoned to be extremely clever and they have the panacea to every kind of problem.

The Respected Being: Lawyers are inordinately respected among masses. It is true that the established conceptualization about them is that they are fiendish and unemotional but once they get to work and rescue people out of their legal troubles, they become the most respected beings. It goes the same way as for doctors.

The Talker: Be it a petty quarrel or a legal battle, lawyers always do the talking. The eloquence of lawmen makes them the settlement-man wherever they go. Whatever may be the situation, people would expect them to be the frontrunners.

Workaholic: If one is workaholic, then law is the career for him. Lawmen have no fixed working hours. While on some days, they sleep at 3 a.m., on others they don’t sleep at all. It is definitely a hectic life, but for those who love to be productive 24×7, law is the profession.

Boundless earning: There’s no bar over your income in the legal profession, a novice practising lawyer might earn 2000 bucks for a case, while a veteran or a corporate legal advisor might earn lakhs in a week. True that a lawyer has a struggling life when he gets out of his university, but once he works hard, he overtakes his peer age group in real quick time.

A lot to choose from: An advocate, a legal advisor, a judge, a professor, an author, or an activist, there are many tacks to pick from. And even after this, there are further options to become a criminal matters lawyer, a civil matters one, tax lawyer, etc. Lawyers do only what interests them.

Multi-perspective analyst: The viewpoint of legal professionals is different from laymen. They have their own opinion about every event because that is what this field is all about, believing in something and making others believe about it too. They analyse every situation from various aspects in a way which no other professional can.

Air of fear: Lawyers schlep an air of fear with themselves. No one scrambles with them. Everyone thinks twice before meddling in a lawman’s affairs. The ultimate reason for such a privilege is the weapon that lawyers possess, the weapon of law.

The legal jargon: Mention a term as basic as amicus curiae and the people around you would treat you as their ‘woah’man. Legal maxims and usage of technical legal words attracts the public at large. These terms will be instilled in you throughout your law school life and will become as normal as your morning beverage but for outsiders (lawman’s term for laymen), it is something very unusual.

Law School life: The best thing out of all these is that you get to enjoy the law school life in the process of becoming a lawyer. Hectic schedules, moots, researches, internships, debates, etc. They indeed transform us into inhumane and unemotional beings.