The Editorial Board of the RGNUL Financial and Mercantile Law Review (RFMLR) invites blog posts from legal practitioners, academicians, research fellows, undergraduate students, postgraduate students, etc., on the theme of “Arbitration” for RFMLR Sidebar. The sub-themes may include the following:

  1. Indian Judiciary on pathological arbitration clauses.
  2. Use of Witness Conferencing in Arbitration.
  3. Third party funding in Arbitration in India.
  4. Multiparty and multi-contract arbitration.
  5. Due process concerns in arbitration.
  6. Reconciliation of different principles in arbitration viz, equal opportunity, efficiency, fairness, etc.
  7. Should India become member of ICSID Convention?
  8. Recent developments in Investment Arbitration in India; India’s Model BIT, Vodafone-India Arbitration, etc.
  9. Justice B. N. Srikrishna Recommendations on Arbitration.
  10. Enforcement of emergency arbitral awards in India.
  11. Reform of New York Convention: Need for Interim arbitral awards to be included.
  12. The perennial debate between transparency and confidentiality- Indian experience.
  13. Political Risk Insurance and Investment Arbitration.
  14. Effect of violation of mandatory procedural provision(s) in arbitration.

Please Note: The above-mentioned list for sub-themes is merely illustrative and not exhaustive and hence, any other submission pertinent to the main theme shall be accorded due consideration. We prefer posts that include critical analysis or explore particular themes of wider resonance. Kindly do not send posts that merely summarize cases.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. The Co-authorship shall be limited to a maximum of two authors.
  2. All submissions must be in Times New Roman, font size 12, Spacing 1.5.
  3. Please ensure inclusion of endnotes instead of footnotes. All endnotes shall be in Times New Roman 10 single-spaced.
  4. Word Limit for each submission shall be between 500 to 1500 Words (Exclusive of Endnotes).
  5. Harvard Bluebook 19th Edition shall be followed for citation.
  6. The submission should be accompanied by a covering letter specifying the author’s name, designation, institute, contact number and e-mail for future reference.
  7. All entries should be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
  8. All submissions must be e-mailed to with the subject “Submission for RFMLR Sidebar” and they must be e-mailed latest by 15th December 2017.
  9. All selected entries will be published on the RFMLR Sidebar at
  10. A certificate of appreciation shall be given to authors who have a minimum of 3 entries published in the sidebar.
  11. The submission must be original, unpublished and an outcome of the author’s own efforts. In case of any plagiarism found in the contents of submission, the entry shall be rejected.
  12. The authors by submitting their entry would be deemed to have divested the copyright to RFMLR, however, all moral rights shall remain with the author(s).

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