Tushar Malkani, alumni of Culinary Academy of India – Hyderabad, in this exclusive interview with acadman.in has shared his experiences of the hospitality industry. Enjoy reading!

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Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Tushar Malkani. I am the corporate executive chef of the Supreme Hospitality in Mumbai, U.A.E and Malaysia. Apart from that I also own a brewery to consult breweries in Mumbai. I do YouTube show, I am an anchor on Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana show. I studied from Culinary Academy of India Hyderabad.

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Why you decided to become a chef?

My father wanted be a chef but at that time people used to say “arre bawarchi bano ge”, so he abandoned his dream  of becoming chef. When he passed away I was told about his dream, so at that time I decided to become a chef.

How the course of culinary arts is different from the course provided in normal hotel management colleges?

In first year of your culinary arts graduation, you are taught subjects of general hotel management which includes basic training in Kitchen, in which you are taught basics of each and every department of kitchen, front office and housekeeping. All this is just to give you feel of other departments because tomorrow if you grow up to be a G.M of any hotel then you should be having knowledge about all these different branches. From the second year they start giving advance knowledge in culinary subjects like advanced bakery, advanced pastry and in the final year there is complete advanced kitchen where you are taught how to cook food in bulk, they teach about cruise line kitchen and how the kitchen of cruise is maintained.

Can a student graduating from normal hotel management college make his career in culinary?

When students decide to get into culinary they think hotel management would be enough but in reality people in culinary industry don’t give jobs to those students who have only hotel management degree. They look for something more and that is why student who are coming out of normal hotel management college and looking to make a career in culinary need to get a diploma in culinary arts to get into kitchen because when you do hotel management they focus more on other department than on production.

If you are going to hire someone, what are the qualities you look for in them?

First thing is basics, if the students are not good with their basics they won’t be able to create anything and the next thing is they should be willing to work and be open minded.

What according to you are the best and worst thing about this industry?

The best thing about this industry is, if you have the passion then you will definitely touch the high. You cannot cook food just because you have to earn money. There is ample of growth in this industry. You necessarily don’t need work for 5 star hotels, even if you work for restaurant there will be ample opportunity of growth. The worst part of this industry is a person won’t be able to have a personal life because major portion of your life would be consumed by working in kitchen.

How a student of hotel management can join cruise lines after competing bachelor degree ? 

After doing hotel management you can do a separate cruise line programme known as SWC which is offered by Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad. You can do that programme after doing some work in the industry because you need have some experience before you join cruise lines.

This course is basically a diploma course, after acquiring the diploma you can apply for any cruise line company. But if want to work in F&B or housekeeping then complete your hotel management and gain some experience and then apply without any diploma. Diploma is required only if you want to work in kitchen. There are agencies of every cruise line company, you can go to there office any apply there.

The amount of experience which you need to apply may vary, you could apply with experience of 1 year or 2 year and depending upon your experience you salary will fluctuate. The salary of Indian working at some post and salary of foreigner working on the same post will be different, foreigner will be given more salary while the Indian will be given less because of the difference in academic quality in India and abroad. But when you complete your contract and reapply they will automatically increase your salary. Nowadays even after completing your 10th you can go for cruise liner after completing a short diploma course            

Which department of cruise line provides highest monetary compensation?

The highest salary in cruise liner is in department of bar-tending and food production.

What is your work in your current job?

First is food costing, maintain the cost coefficient because nowadays ingredients have become expensive and second part is wastage and finally training the junior staff. Training of the staff is very important. And there is always guest interaction, taking their feedback and coming up with new ideas.