There is often a question asked – why there are several Culinary Schools has started? Atul Gokhale – Director at Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts, Pune has answered various questions related to Culinary Arts in this article. He has explained the potential of this field as a new age career.

What is Culinary Arts?

The culinary arts refer to professions that involve preparing and cooking food. Culinary artists today are often are considered to be masters in creating newer better and healthy food items by constantly innovating and innovating on recipes.

Culinary Arts degree programs focus on building exceptional food preparation and cooking skills. A culinary student goes through a holistic and well-rounded education in the field of gastronomy. During the course of study, the students gain knowledge about food, its history, its sociological importance, the science of food and learn skills of food cooking, food art and the modern and futuristic trends in food.

The program also imparts knowledge in nutrition and sensory evaluation, a study of various regional and international cuisine and meat science.

What is the difference between a Culinary Arts and a Hotel Management Degree course?

Hotel Management and Culinary Arts studies in India have always been clubbed together for all these years and most of the students who have studied hotel management have been thought to be qualified to become chefs in the food industry.Although they belong to the same industry, they are quite different programs of study. Both culinary arts and hotel or hospitality management deal with some or all the operations.

Although they belong to the same industry, they are quite different programs of study. Both culinary arts and hotel or hospitality management deal with some or all the operations of hotels, restaurants, and similar organizations. But there are significant differences in what each degree offers.

Culinary Arts Degree

Chefs preparing breakfast

Culinary Arts study is primarily centered on cooking techniques, food service and professional kitchen management including costing. A student who aspires to be a Chef can learn all the nuances of cooking and culinary management only by studying in a culinary school.

Recruiters prefer students from culinary schools over hotel management institutes, for placements in the culinary industry.

10 Colleges of Culinary Arts in India

You’ll do an in-depth study of culinary arts, and the focus is on kitchen training and managing provisions. You’ll have hands-on practical classes that will teach you about different aspects of being a chef and working in a kitchen. This is the main difference between a culinary and hospitality degree – a culinary degree program will prepare you to work with food. You’ll have classes on cooking basic recipes and making your dishes look as appetizing as possible on the plate and maintaining the highest level of hygiene and sanitation in kitchen.

The course also develops your innovative and creative culinary skills, management of food preparation, running both the front and back of the house – that is dealing with customers and clients, and the management of resources and people in Kitchen where the food is prepared.

Hotel Management Degree

Hotel management study, on the other hand, is a generic course in which students get to study about various core departments of the hotel industry such as Front Office, Food and Beverage Service, Housekeeping, and Food Production (Culinary).

The emphasis is on administration and the aim is to offer overall satisfaction to guests in a resort or hotel. The syllabus is limited to provide an overview of hotel operations. The culinary syllabus is extremely vast in nature and thus cannot be studied in depth while pursuing a normal hotel management course.

A student who aspires to be Chef in a hotel management institute can be a ‘Jack of all trades but a Master of none’.

Another difference between a culinary and hotel management degree is that hospitality degrees tend to be more general. Since most hotels have some type of food service, a hotel degree should prepare you to work in a food service department, but you probably won’t be qualified to be a chef.

You can qualify for some culinary jobs with a hotel management degree, and vice versa, but the main difference between a culinary and hotel management degree is that a culinary program will prepare you to work with food while a hospitality program will prepare you to work in other areas of a hotel or resort.

What are the career options after completing a Culinary Arts Degree Program?

This course is a new age career course and a skilled culinary student has large and wide career options open for him after completion of Culinary Arts Degree. The students can opt to join Hotel and Restaurant Industry, which is a primary career for a trained Chef.

Here in this industry the student can rise through various positions to become an Executive Chef in a five-star hotel or can head the team in a specialty fine dining restaurant as Head Chef. The student can choose to specialize in Bakery and Pastry and become Bakery and Pastry Chefs.

The new age career options open up a career as Food Journalist or Food Blogger, Food Stylist, or Food Photographer. The student can also become a Food Presenter for television shows and become a Potential Celebrity Chef.

Over a period of time, an experienced culinarian can become a Kitchen-Design Consultant to consult others on food operations or an Entrepreneur to open own food outlets, or a Food Taster or become a Concept Developer or open up a Food Tester by having Food Testing Kitchen Labs for developing new recipes.