A question that comes to almost everybody working in Hindi journalism is that – Why Hindi journalists get a low salary as compared to their English counterpart?

In this post, we are providing a few experts from the interviews of journalists given exclusively to acadman.in about their career in journalism and talked about the differences between Hindi and English journalists.

Rajdeep Sardesai, Veteran Indian Journalist

When we asked Rajdeep Sardesai the about the differences in Hindi and English journalism, he said: “I think English journalism is cut off from the grassroots sometimes whereas Hindi journalism is able to raise the public issues more easily”.

“However, in recent years, Hindi journalism too has developed the trend of sensationalizing, similar to English journalism. In some cases, it even exceeds its English counterpart,” Rajdeep said.

He continued, “and sometimes Hindi journalism focuses more on trivial subjects. I do not see the issue of environment, science technology, education or health on Hindi news channels”.

“On the gap in salary issue, I would say that there was a disparity twenty years ago which is gradually decreasing,” Rajdeep said.

Sweta Singh, Beautiful News Anchor at Aaj Tak

When we asked Aaj Tak famous anchor Sweta about the disparity in salary among Hindi and English journalists, she interrupted in between and said: “there is no difference in salary.”

Sweta continued, “Hindi (channels), as always, is viewed the most in our country. However, some people give more importance to English, like economists and politicians. But the ratio of Hindi viewers to that of English viewers is 100 to 1. If 100 people watch Hindi then only 1 person watches English. But salary is the same, there is no difference in that”.

Sarvapriya Sangwan, NDTV India

Sarvapriya, who works with Ravish Kumar at NDTV, agrees that there is a disparity in the salary of Hindi and English journalists. “When I came to Hindi journalism people advised me to switch to English journalism, saying there is no money in Hindi Journalism,” Sarvapriya said.

She continued, “but even today, I don’t know why the people in Hindi journalism are paid less as compared to people in English journalism. Because audience of Hindi journalism is more in our country. But I don’t know why we get less money?”

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