In this interview with Jitender Singh, Bar Specialist at has shared his experiences. Enjoy reading!

Could you Please introduce yourself for the students?

I am Jitender Singh AKA Jeet Rana comes from the north part of India – Uttarakhand. I got interested in the bar during my college life, I was lucky to have a great mentor in my life who make me World class bartender for India 2016.

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Tell us about your family backgrounds as well as school life?

I born in Uttarakhand but during my primary schooling, I burnt my house mistakenly and the result was that my family send me Ludhiana for my higher study (where I bought up).

My father was a chef who teaches and inspired me to join this beautiful industry. He is an artist in his kitchen which attracts me to become like him but later in collage, I got attracted by bartending.

How’s your life at college?

Collage life is always fun as we all know. Lots of fun, parties, making new friends and thinking about our future.

You have gone through a 6-month bar tending course (cocktails & dreams, speakeasy) So hows it would be helped you in becoming a bartender?

I believe you always need a base to set up your career and Cocktails & Dreams was base for me.

Mr. Yangdup Lama has inspired many of bartenders including me and he set a place to make you a good bartender.

Why did you decide to become a Bartender?

During my college, I used to watch a lot of videos of bartending where I saw some of the impressive Indian bartenders, Mr. Hemant Pathak. And I was so impressed by him and decided to become bartender just like him.

Which was your first property which you joined and what was the reasons behind this?

I joined Taj hotels at starting of my career but I left that job and went to C&D for my bartending study. It was very hard to get a job as a bartender at starting for me, I gave 22 interviews to join a bar as a bartender and then finally join Park Plaza Chandigarh as a bartender.

What things make a bartender students different from other department’s students?

Not much of a difference. But I believe if any student or person has a passion for something he/she will be more hardworking and become crazy to achieve it.

But if you ask me what make bartender different from other professions then the answer will be we enjoy every bit of it, we directly meet many people of different personality and learn something new.

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What was the funniest incident of your life at Bar?

When I was part of Story (high energy bar in Westin Hotel – Gurgaon) there was a bartender working with me, who paid for a lady’s drinks and she gave him her phone number. But right after the shift, he tried to call her and the number does not exist. It was most hilarious moment for all of our team.

What are the skills required to become a Bartender?

First of all, knowledge of the products are must, then your skills behind the bar (Cause your skills pay your bills), you need to be a good host, a good listener, a quick decision maker but more than anything else, you need to enjoy every single bit of it while working behind the bar.

Is Bartender course is compulsory to become a Bartender?

Not really. Because most of the things we learn from experience, not in college. Most of the great bartenders have no degree. We hate to study that’s why we are a bartender.

What is your parting message to all the students who are willing to join Bar?

Be passionate, learn as much as you can from different sources, you need to do hard work and enjoy every bit of it.

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