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Hotel Management is an emerging career option in India. It has been considered as a Career with glamorous innings because wherever one thinks of hotel management the first image which comes up into one’s mind are 5 star hotel. Second things that comes up to the mind is the kitchen of the hotel where the chef is cooking a food in an acrobatic manner. But in reality Scope at hotel management extends to much higher proportions which means that it is not just limited to food production but also it extends to various number of roles given the fact that any midsize hotel is basically an industrial setup with diverse number of departments.

Also a graduate in hotel management can’t just work in hotels, Nowadays the hotel management graduates are well in demand at Cruise, Boarding Schools and Residential Universities, Catering Agencies, Youth Hostel and even as in-house experts at various industrial organisations and multinational corporations. Nowadays the Super-Specialty Hospitals have started to hire hotel management graduates to manage their cafeterias and kitchens.

India not only has mismatch in terms of hotel room supply and demand but in terms of professionals required to manage hotels. Whereas the demand is much higher than the existing 1,14,000 hotel rooms across all categories, India is facing acute shortage of trained hotel staff. The situation in the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi shows the real picture wherein owing to dearth of trained hotel management professionals things were in sad state of affairs. Job prospects for hotel management graduates are expected to grow as new hotels would come up in next couple of years thanks to promotional offers from government. The shortage of trained human resource in hotel industry is advantageous to hotel management graduate who can bargain for high salary.

The current state of hotel industry shows that India is being seen as a lucrative destination for hotel chains looking for growth. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India is 18th popular business travel destination and in next couple of years it would in top five. With shortage of hotel rooms, dearth of trained hotel management professionals, a lot needs to be done. With incentives coming from the Government of India, real estate developers and hoteliers are trying to build new hotels which would further the supply and increase the job opportunities for young hotel management graduates.

We have compiled the list of job options which one can opt after completing the degree of hotel management. Given below are some of them:

Join Hotel

As Hotel Operations Manager

The staff who work in various operational departments Hotel Operations Manager within a hotel, resort or lodge are key to ensuring that every aspect of hotel operations happens, every day, on time and within budget. They manage staff, budgets, processes and more. They essentially are responsible for running the day-to-day decision making of the department they are working in. They could be Managers, Supervisors or line staff, depending on the size of the property. Here are some examples of operational departments you could work in, supervise or manage:

  • Front Office
  • Guest Relations
  • Security
  • Housekeeping
  • Spa Management
  • Human Resources

As Food and Beverage Manager

A food and beverage supervisor or manager plans, organises, and manages the food and beverage supply for a hospitality venue such as a hotel or restaurant. They plan types and quantities of food and drinks needed during a particular timeframe, make sure the goods are ordered, delivered, and paid for, that the items are correctly used, and that the hotel or restaurant makes a profit from its food and beverage services.

As Chef 

Line cooks or Commis are required to know and understand food safety rules and regulations and may work their way up the kitchen brigade.

They are required to know basic cooking styles and techniques and are taught how to prepare meals for a restaurant.

The Sous Chef answers to the Executive Chef but will also manage other members of the kitchen staff and is in charge when the Executive Chef is unavailable or on leave. As assistant to the Executive Chef, the Sous Chef is responsible for: Menu design; Cooking different cuisines (food types); Overseeing the kitchen team; Ensuring cleanliness and order in the kitchen; Management of food resources and inventory to ensure sufficient supplies; Management of suppliers to ensure quality standards are maintained.

Join Restaurant

After completing hotel management one does not necessarily needs to join the hotel, there is also an option of joining restaurant. Just as every hotel has an executive chef, big restaurant also tend to recruit experienced chef on the post of executive chef. There are various position in the restaurant where graduates of hotel management are recruited. Apart from executive chef, those who work in the kitchen or at the counter are also recruited from the hotel management background.

Join Airlines

Since the airline industry is so diverse, there are many kinds of jobs you can find within it. Depending on the kind of work you hope to do in the airline industry, you may find a hospitality degree a helpful preparation.

There are plenty of jobs in the airline industry that require good skills in hospitality management. One important one is flight attendant. Like a hotel clerk or a restaurant host or hostess, a flight attendant is a “front line” employee in their specific industry, providing one of the faces that the public sees the most. Ticketing agents at airport counters and airline employees who staff lounges for frequent flyers or club members are also important hospitality specialists. Since longer flights often serve meals, some airlines also hire culinary managers to plan in-flight food service. These are just some of the airline-related jobs you can find with a hospitality background. They may particularly appeal to you if you like to travel or if you don’t mind living in or near big cities where major airports are located.

Join Indian Army

After completing the hotel management course one could also join Indian Army. Indian Army provides chance to the graduates of hotel management to serve the nation. They can join Indian Army at the post of J.C.O ( Joint Commission Officer). The perks and allowance of this post is very enticing, an average graduate can make more money by joining Indian Army than by joining hotel industry.

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Join Cruise lines

A cruise ship is a passenger ship that is used for vacation or “pleasure” voyages. The trip or voyage as well as the amenities offered by the ship are part of the experience, and transportation is not the primary purpose. For this reason, cruiseships often offer “nowhere voyages” or “cruises to nowhere” in which the ship makes 2-3 day trips with no final or ultimate destination. There are a plethora of jobs that an individual could obtain with a cruiseship, as they typically have the following departments: Deck Department, Engine Department, Hotel Operations Department, Food and Beverage Department, Housekeeping Department, Beauty Salon Department, and Casino Department.

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Join Shopping Mall

A degree in hotel and restaurant management can also lead to career options in retail, such as managing other employees and ensuring products are available on shelves for customers. Buyers make sure the right amount of product is available to stores and businesses. Selling things, like timeshares or vacations, is another possibility. Retail positions cater to the customer and his or her needs, a big factor in hotel and restaurant management curricula.

Travel and Tourism Management

Hospitality management students may also want to consider career paths in travel and tourism management. Jobs in this field include travel agents, cruise directors, sales managers, and tour managers. These professionals are in charge of all factors that revolve around traveling. This can include booking travel, overseeing guest entertainment, managing staff, budgets, sales and marketing. In many cases Travel and tourism managers get to travel themselves throughout the United States and the World, or get substantial discounts on travel. Travel and Tourism managers can expect to make between $32,000 and $124,616 a year with the higher end of the salary range being reserved for government authorized travel agents and in-house corporate travel agents.

Join Marketing, Sales and media

Every hotel, restaurant,cruise or anything depend upon marketing because marketing is one of the cornerstones of any business and helps not only to improve brand awareness, but gain market share and ultimately increase profits. Having a natural sales ability is essential to securing a role in this fast-paced division of the industry.

Sales individuals should be able to communicate well with people at all levels, have a strong network of contacts and be able to ‘close a deal’.

Marketing requires an understanding of different markets, different marketing mediums, budgets and how they all work together for increased profit and market share.

So after finishing hotel management graduation programme one could also become a member of marketing team of any hotel, restaurant etc.

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Nowadays high-end hospitals also recruit students of hotel management to manage catering and all other management issues of the hospital.

Every business needs accounting and managing account to keep things transparent and corruption-free, so in order to remove any kind of discrepancy, big hotels and restaurants employs persons who can manage accounts of the company. So students after completing hotel management enter into this sphere.

If a student is not interested in these he can become a teacher in any hotel management college,all need is masters in this field and after that he can apply for the teaching job.

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