Are you wondering how you should prepare for your industrial training interview?

Don’t worry. Acadman is here to solve your trouble. In this article, you would know the key points which a student of Hotel Management must keep in mind while facing the panel interviews for industrial training.


Please introduce yourself.

This is the most common question which is asked to each and every Hotel Management student as soon as he/she enters the college. Seniors are eagerly awaiting to ask this to every possible junior.

This is also important for students as it prepares them to face interviews for their Industrial training and most importantly for campus placements in the final year.

An introduction is not a rocket science, just express yourself and be confident.

One should keep certain things in mind and it should be in the following sequence:

  • Greet according to the time [good morning/afternoon/evening]
  • Your Name
  • Your educational background [school, college, etc.]
  • A brief family background
  • Your Hobbies [include some creative things which you have done in the past. Your entrepreneur skills, etc.]
  • In the end, thank the HR or the TrainingAssociatee for their precious time.

Be to the point in your Resume/CV

You will often see that many questions asked by the panelists are from your CV/Resume only. So make it a point that you enter precise, correct information and most importantly you remember them.

Technical Questions

For industrial training, the panelists might ask you some technical question based on the department which you are interested in. For example – Front Office, F&B Service, Housekeeping, Food Production, etc.

The key to success is to keep a warm smile, stay calm and answer smartly. Please don’t be nervous.

Your industrial training interview might be done through Skype or it might be a walk-in; which is done in two stages. Group discussion followed by a personal interview with the HR of the property.

Once you are selected by the Hotel, they will send a confirmation email to your training coordinator at the college mentioning the date of Joining along with stipend details.


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