Bhim Sen Gupta is a senior bartender in Dubai. He belongs to Delhi and joined the hospitality industry in 2009. In this exclusive interview with has shared his experiences. Enjoy Reading!

How was your life at school?

I come from a poor family. My father is a driver and my mother is a housewife. I have done my schooling from a Government School at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

How was your life at the college?

I didn’t go to college because of my financial conditions. I have done my bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University as a correspondent student.

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What motivated you to join hospitality industry?

Actually, after my School, I was looking for a full-time job to support my family financially. I was on a hunt for any kind of job to start with.

Tell us about your journey to Dubai?

It is a very big story with lots of ups & downs. I got rejected at almost 30+ job interviews because of my bad communication skills. I failed in interviews to even introduce myself in English. I almost lost the hope to get a job without a degree and good English.

One day I went to Subway for an interview as a crew member but again I got rejected but Mr. Paras, the area manager, he offered me a job of a delivery boy as I had a driving license. This was when my journey started. In the very first month, I got promoted to the crew member and earned a tag of the fastest delivery boy.

That was just a start. Later, when I was working on I.G.I. airport T-3, New Delhi as server/GSA, I saw bar guys doing flaring & making some insane cocktails. There only I heard the first time about Bartending. I searched and joined Sandy’s bar school.

What are the skills required to become a bartender?

Keep patience, set your goals, be creative, be passionate, and just have confidence in what you are doing.

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If you are to hire a fresher then what are the skills that you want in them?

In a fresher, I always look for enthusiasm, how they present themselves, and explain their goals, and most importantly manners.

How is Dubai different from India in terms of Bar?

In terms of Bar Dubai is totally different. You can find some of the best and top international bartenders taking Dubai on a different level of bartending. Competition is very high especially if you are an Asian.

What would be your message to the students?

Learning is a process which never ends and always remembers your hard times.