Vishal Ranaut, alumni of Westwood Institute of Hotel Management, in this exclusive interview with has shared his experiences. Enjoy reading!

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How would you like to introduce yourself to all our viewers?

I am Vishal Ranaut, I am from Himachal Pradesh. I completed my schooling from Government Senior Secondary School and B.Sc. in hotel management from the Westwood Institute of Hotel Management, Panchkula, Haryana. After that, I did a bar-tending course from Flairology Institute,  Pune where I was trained in by a group of celebrity bartenders namely Mr. Sachin Gawda and Mr. Pankaj Kamble.

I worked with Westin hotel, Pune, as a freelance bartender.  I  also have a work experience at Taj Mansingh hotel, Ajmer; Hotel Aloft, Chandigarh; and King cliff hotel, Muktsar as a steward.

After bar course, I did freelancing in Westin hotel, and another bars like Fresh Brewery pub, nightclubs etc.

Please tell us about your family background as well as school education?

I am from a middle-class Family. There are 4 members in my family. My father is a government employee and mother is a housewife. I have an elder sister who is married. My family has always supported me for a good future.

Now coming back to my school Education. I was always the last-bencher in school. I always got 2nd division but was an avid sportsman.My teachers have always been proud of me for my sportsmanship and my other unique achievements.

How’s your experience at your college?

College was a sea change because for the first time I was away from home. Since I wanted to change my life, so for 1st and 2nd Semester, I worked hard to adjust in this environment. After some time I felt this is too easy for me. So I started enjoying parties went on a holiday with my college friends.  During my exam, I gave my best and secured passing marks. This is all about my college life.

How’s your IT experience? Did you get frustrated at the time when you were working as a trainee?

I did industrial training at Taj Mansingh hotel & Resorts across all the department.At times, I used to be frustrated when I saw that there was no personal life in this sector. Even after for a longer period of time I felt insecure and unstable. Yet I looked for a ray of hope.

I started feeling lonely but at the same time, my A.R. Manager started to support me. They always give me the example of good hotelier. So they are always the source of my inspiration. I just want to say that training helps to you a lot in future. So, always use your training period.

How do you see your job different from another department job?

I was inspired to work in the bar from bartender Alexander Shtifanov. All Departments are playing a role in the hotel industry. The best thing about working in the bar is that it gives an opportunity to talk to people and another good thing that I think is flair like Bottle flipping, catching, snatching, throwing and then pot. When guest expresses it in joy, only then do I say that my work is up on all things

When is your happiest moment at work?

When the crowd rises above our bar and everyone calls me and asks for an autograph or a complimentary shot it then I’m very happy because at that moment I feel like a celebrity  These are my happiest moments.

Please tell us 3 things which you consider to be your strength?

I have demonstrated an ability to take quickly, prepare and serve all bar orders, greet guests and communicate effectively. Moreover, I am highly skilled in ingredients to prepare cocktails and in maintaining the cleanliness of the bar. Beside my regular tasks, I have always been able to perform duties of a server, in a backup function as needed.

What would be your parting message for the students who are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry?

I learned a lot from my failure. Yet, I did not stop chasing my dreams. It is not wrong to dream, but by looking at the dreams and thinking that I won’t be able to do this itself, is wrong. So, live your dreams and learn from your mistakes, work hard to get to your dreams.