Chetan Gangan head mixologist at Madque in this exclusive interview with has shared his experiences and views on Hospitality Industry. Enjoy reading!

How would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Chetan Gangan. I am the head mixologist at Masque.

Tell us about your school education?

School life was the best time in my life and I can never forget that. I was such an average and naughty child that everyone thought that I was good for nothing.

How was your life at college?

Life at college was very hectic. I failed my 11th and I did my 12th from a private institute. I joined IHM after that.

Please share an incident of your life which you think that a student should know?

I was always very weak in studies and my grades in college were very poor and due to this, I was not allowed to sit for campus placement interviews. But now, I can say that I am doing better than most of the guys who sat for campus placement interviews.

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Why did you decide to become a Bartender?

Because, I love getting people drunk. Don’t take it seriously. Just kidding. But on a serious note, my passion for bartending grew when I was in my second year of training. I saw how the bar works, how to organise a bar. Of course, at that time I was not allowed to go behind the bar. But that was the time when I decided to become a bartender.

Which was the first property you joined?

At the very beginning, I joined Hakkasan, it’s an esteemed property and I was very lucky to start my career with them.

What was the funniest incident of your life at Bar?

When one guest literally told me that I only take orders from girls and I don’t look at boys.. That was super funny.

What are the skills required to become a Bartender?

  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Hard Work
  • Concentration
  • Loyalty and Respect

Is the Bartender course compulsory to become a Bartender?

If you want to make a drink at home then it’s not necessary, but if you want to work for a big organisation and make an impact in this industry, then it is absolutely necessary.

If you are going to hire any fresher for the bar than what are the questions you are going to ask and which answer will satisfy you?     

My question would be, “why bartending?” And I’m no way going to answer that question because every bartender should ask this question to himself and the answer that comes straight from the heart will be the right answer.

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