The Asia Young Designer Award 2017,10th edition is being organised with its theme – “You for Tomorrow”. The theme aims to challenge the foresight and technical intellect of today’s designers to create a design concept that is relevant, society future needs . Merit is given to those whose designs transcend the trends of today and stand the test of relevance of the future.

Architecture: Envision for Communities of Tomorrow

How would you envision the living of tomorrow to be?

Share with us your most compelling choice of  designs and concepts are crafted for future communities . A vision is an essence to ensure that your foresight is reflected on your e concept while you envisage the structures and facilities required for tomorrow’s mankind and living.

Design a piece of architectural marvel which is inspires future living that stems beyond space and the built environment that is how future inhabitants interact with your structure? Let your design solve future issues of inhabitants in a gambit of community space.

Interior Design: Envision & Create Spaces of Tomorrow

As a future designer, create the pattern of future spaces which can be for a workplace, living space or public space. Design in context to activities that will shape the lifestyle of the citizens of the tomorrow, then craft purposeful spaces that fits into your vision of what future living is all about. Preserve your very own persona while foretelling the fundamental needs of tomorrow’s society via your design.

Demonstrate your vision and foresight in helping the people of tomorrow live in an optimised yet comfortable space. Let your artwork and design concept statement go hand-in-hand in bringing to life the tomorrow’s that you envisaged

This Design should be created keeping following things in mind:

Creativity– Does your design potray originality in its execution?

Efficiency – Does your design offer practicality to drive commercial value?

Comfort – Does your design facilitate the ease of use for its inhabitants?

Sustainability – Does your design process the ability to transcend time?

Purpose – Does your design successfully fulfil a need? Is it purposeful?

Heart for the community – Does your design cater to the surrounding communities’ needs?

Green design – Is your design made up of sustainable and eco-friendly elements which help preserve the wonders and beauty of Mother Earth?


  1. Participants must be enrolled in an educational institution of interior design or architecture.
  2. This contest is open to all interior design students who are Third – year onwards and architecture students who are Fourth – year and onwards.


1.Only one entry is allowed per student.

2. Shortlisted candidates will be notified to present an oral presentation as a final judging procurement.

3. Winners will bear all the expenses for travel costs and other incidentals relating to their appearance at the launch, oral presentation and award ceremony.

4. Participating students must have international passports.

Submission Deadline: 26th November 2017, Sunday.

Submission Guidelines

Interior design Architecture
Theme you for tomorrow
Project Category Open Category
Project Layout Size Below 30,000 sq ft Below 10 acres
Eligibility students (2nd year onwards) students (3rd year onwards)
  • A2 Sized Presentation Boards

    • min of 3; max of 4 boards to be designed in vertical format
    • Board 1: existing site photos (if applicable), property/site developer (if applicable), floor plan, elevation, furniture layout plan & site analysis
    • Boards 2, 3 and/or 4: 3D perspectives with Nippon paint colour chips and codes
    • In CD/DVD and online submission, Board 1 must be saved in folder named “Presentation Board”, with the file name set as “Your Name – Board 1” including design statement
  • Design Statement

    • Your design statement should not exceed 1,000 words
    • For offline submission: Your design statement must be saved in Microsoft Word file format
  • Photographs

    • Provide personal photo in JPEG format
    • All required image files: 300dpi & JPEG format ONLY
    • Individual perspectives: A4 sized (minimum) and must be saved in a folder entitled “Perspective”. File name of JPEG shall be saved in a naming format based on “areas” (e.g. Living Room or Lobby)
  • Labelling

    • Label all areas of floor plan
    • Perspectives in Boards 2, 3 and or 4 must be in A3, A4 or A5 sizes and pasted on the boards
    • For offline submission: Entry Form must be attached as a cover page when submitting in a CD/DVD
    • Participants SHOULD NOT include their profile and education institution details on top of the presentation board
  • Colours Used

    • You may use the wide range of Nippon colour palette that is available here.


All AYDA 2017 GOLD WINNERS from the 15 countries will compete for the AYDA 2017 Platinum Award and USD $1,000 cash prize at the Malaysia Learning Programme and Trip 2018.

Gold Award Rs 50,000 cash + Malaysia Learning Programme & Trip (Compete against winners from 14 others countries to win the Platinum Award & USD $1,000 cash))
Silver Award Rs 25,000 cash
Honorary Mention X 2 Rs 10,000 cash
Finalist X 8 Rs 5,000 cash
Best Colour Choice Rs 5,000 cash
Best Green Innovation Rs 10,000 cash
Best Mentor Rs 10,000 cash
Best College/University Rs 1,000 cash
Best Supporting College/University Rs 10,000 cash + Rs 10,000 paint voucher\



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