The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) or more informally, the Centre, is one of India’s leading institutes for research in the social sciences and humanities. Since its inception in 1963, the Centre has been known for its critical outlook on received models of development and progress; it is animated by a vision of equality and democratic transformation.

The Centre’s scholarship has challenged tendencies in academic and policy regimes to seek and prescribe standardized pathways to social and political change. The Centre has done this by attending to the patterns of difference, diversity, and creativity that emerge from the ways people survive in and reinvent the contemporary world and generate alternative practices and imaginations. In contrast to the development economics profile of most social science research institutions, the Centre is singular in its multi-disciplinary approach.

Call for paper

The rise of Dalit studies has provided the necessary platform for a new set of scholarly enquiries in the social sciences and humanities. The earlier Dalit Studies International conference (2008), held at the University of Pennsylvania, was an attempt to bring together academics and intellectuals for a productive conversation on new research agendas. This initiative resulted in the publication of an edited volume Dalit Studies (2016). We plan to continue to explore caste inequality, human dignity, democracy and similar concerns to further reflect on the possibilities and challenges for Dalit Studies in the proposed conference.

We propose to hold a three-day conference (22-24 January 2018) that would serve as a platform for intense and productive debates on the prospects of Dalit Studies. Given that the objective of this conference is to promote Dalit Studies and stimulate a constructive dialogue among scholars, we are keen to disseminate the new research through publications.  We intend to publish the conference proceedings.

We invite proposals from independent scholars, research students, and those working within and outside of formal academic institutions on any theme which would broadly fall under the rubric of Dalit Studies. A committee will select the abstracts and its decision is final.

The Conference will be held at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi. The conference organizers will provide economy class airfare and local hospitality to all participants from within India, and local hospitality to participants from abroad.

Coordinators:  K. Satyanarayana, P. Sanal Mohan (Dalit Studies Collective), Aditya Nigam, Prathama Banerjee (CSDS)

Deadline for paper proposals:  15 September 2017

Applications should include:

(1) a two-page description of the research to be presented at the conference and its place within your larger work and goals

(2) a two-page C.V.

Deadline for full papers:  10 December 2017

Please email your proposals to dalitstudies2018@gmail.com

for more information kindly visit the Website.