Your Name, Email, College Name, Batch

Priya Tripathi, University of Jharkhand

Central University of Jharkhand2015 batch

2015 batch

Name & location of the Organisation where you interned

Bank of Baroda regional office in retail loan factory, particularly in specialized mortgage store

Duration of Internship (Ex – 01.05.17 to 01.06.17) and office timing (Ex – 10am to 4pm)

5/06/2017- 4/07/2017

10am to 7pm

Application process. (How did you apply?)

Forwarded letter from the dept. to zonal manager of BoB then he forwarded it to the HR of BoB .Various other students have also applied,  they were placed in other branches and I got an opportunity at  RLF, regional office.

First-day experience

The day I enter,  I have been introduced by my mentor (chief manager of SMS ) then I introduce myself and a short induction was done.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

Infrastructure was very good, well furnished and fully air conditioned.Employees were friendly and don’t find any difficulty to approach superior for any issue.

Main task (please elaborate)

As I was in SMS branch all mortgage related loans were sanctioned from there. I learnt how to prepare cibil of applicants, calculating EMI’s, different products  in SMS and   i get to know what are the criteria for mortgage loan and how we can satisfy a customers need by giving them alternate  loans according to  demand. Then I got an opportunity to work in the field . In that, a marketing officer along with me was given various branches of BoB to generate a lead . We do pre-inspection,  post inspection to eliminate the chances of misleading or fraudulent cases. Enquiring about land and legal issues and then collecting the required documents. There was much pressure to complete the given goal and learning how to complete your task in due pressure with efficiency. Based upon this I decided to prepare a research project on” job stress and how it affects the performance of employee “.

Overall experience; Good things & Bad things

I was enjoying the environment with employees. Being with a marketing officer I interacted with many professionals as well as corporates and get to know about their lifestyle and how they try to grow their business in so much competition. One thing in I  was facing difficulty, I didn’t know much about retail and though it was my first internship various things on my mind I haven’t done. I have learned so many things above my area and this overall experience I know would be fruitful in future.

Did you get a stipend? If yes, How much?


Any other thing you would like to include?

Whatever we see outside the industry is not true ..inside story is different,   more competition more pressure . You have to choose your way of working,  enjoying also and making yourself committed towards your job.

Accommodation (Did you avail any PG? if yes, provide its contact details.)

No,  I was at my home during training.

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