Intern Details (Name, college name, batch) 

Pariekh Pandey, 2nd Year, RGNUL, Punjab

Name & location of the organisation where you interned. 

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (Access to Information Department), New Delhi

Duration of Internship. Office timing 

June 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016; 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Application process. (How did you apply?) 

Send an application to and, including your CV, Recommendation Letter and a small write-up on any topic, for displaying your research skills.

First-day experience 

The interns are expected to arrive on time, for meeting Mr. Venkatesh Nayak, head of the Access to Information Department, CHRI. They are assigned books to read about the situation of the Right to Information (RTI) in Sri Lanka and the efforts of CHRI for the same.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength 

The office is very comfortable, with proper working air conditioning. There is proper Metro connectivity, with the Hauz Khas Metro station being the nearest. Also, there is an attached kitchen for tea, coffee and other snacks. Although the teams from two other programmes work together, the team basically consists of Mr. Nayak and all the interns under him.

Main task (please elaborate) 

The interns are first given some material relating to RTI for reading, and then are instructed to indulge in research work regarding the compilation of Supreme Court and High Court cases on RTI for certain years. They are also assigned various tasks for research work for their contribution to the CHRI publications.

Overall experience; pros & cons 

CHRI offers a great experience altogether, with a great team as well as a friendly environment, with a lot of research work involved. The benefit of this internship is that the interns are permitted to attend various press conferences, proceedings before the Central Information Commission etc. along with Mr. Nayak. P.S. He even gave us a parting party with a cake and snacks!


The interns can learn to hone their research skills and case-brief preparations further, with the amount of interactive and interesting work provided by the Access to Information department.


No stipend.

Any other issue

No issues with the internship.

How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there? (Please elaborate.) 

Since Mr. Nayak is a very polite person, he is highly considerate with the problems of the interns working there. Thus, no recommendations are needed, except the fact that one should never forget to be polite, as he is a very knowledgeable person and can provide a great amount of knowledge and guidance to the interns.


Accommodation (Did you avail any PG? if yes, provide its contact details.)


Since I travelled from my home in Ghaziabad, I am not aware of the accommodation in Delhi, although some of my co-interns stayed in PGs in Hauz Khas at reasonable rates.