Intern Details

Hamid Naved, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Batch of 2020

Name & location of the organization

Delhi Public Grievances Commission, Near the new NDMC office.

Duration of Internship. Office timing

June 5, 2016, to July 5, 2017, 10 AM to 5 PM

Application process.

Through personal contacts.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

Well equipped office. There are three members (including the chairman). These include one IAS officer and two IPS officers. There is a support staff consisting of around a dozen people.

Main task

The PGC is the appellate authority for Delhi as far as RTI applications are concerned. Hence whenever a department for any reason refuses to reply to an RTI application the aggrieved can appeal to the PGC. Furthermore, there are routine cases of public complaints regarding the slow delivery of government works or general harassment by public officials. Finally, there is the PCA (Police Complaints Authority). My primary task involved looking at the proceedings at the commission, making notes about said proceedings and an opportunity to interact with the commission members at the end of the day.

Overall experience; pros & cons

Pros- Exposure to daily level work of the government. The Cons- Only issue is that there does not seem to be a streamlined method of applying for internships aside from using contacts.