Intern details

My name is Sumit Prakash, I am a student at NIFT Patna, my specialization branch is Apparel Production.

Name of the organization where you have interned.

Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited, Bhiwani,Haryana

Duration of internship .

I interned there for 15 days. The timing of the office was 10 A.M to 4 P.M.

How did you apply ?

I applied there through college.

Work environment at the office.

The industry has a very good infrastructure. The environment there is very supportive for learning new things. My main focus throughout the internship was in spinning and weaving department. I got wonderful opportunity to learn how different and complex machine works and how to operate them, because in this department you have to be well versed with the practical things of the industry. The operators there were very helpful in sharing their experience and our industry mentors gave us the detailed process of work going on there.

What did you learn there?

As said earlier my main task was to understand the spinning and weaving works so primarily I got to learn about the complexities of spinning and weaving process.

Did the internship served any purpose?

Yes, because in our field practical knowledge is very important and without that you won`t be able to compete those who are around you, so internship was very integral.

Were there any stipend?

No there was no stipend.

Pros and cons

I would like to talk about the pros, the managers and operators, all were very good by behavior and they share their experience to motivate us to be in this industry.

How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there?

It is a good place for learning and those who are interested in this branch should intern here.


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