Name & location of the Hotel where you interned. 
Hyatt Regency, Pune

Intern Details (Name, email, college name, batch) 
Archana Das , I.H.M Ahmedabad

Duration of Internship. Office timing. 
June to October

Application process. (How did you apply?) 
First I talked to the H.R. department of the Hotel. Then I sent the resume to the hotel and then the Training Manager took the interview and I got selected.

First day experience. 
On the first day we got the schedule of work in different departments, along with me there were other internees as well. We went for hotel view and the same day I was checked in to front office department. I was little nervous but everything gone well.

Infrastructure and environment at the Hotel; team strength 
The hotel has 222 rooms including apartments. It was large and the environment was very friendly. The decoration of the hotel was amazing.

Main task (please elaborate)
I worked in all four department. The first month I worked in front office. There I used to tally, collect keys, copy, scan and escort guest. And then next month I worked in F&B. I used to be in restaurant and I was the hostesses over there. As the hostess my job was to collect room status, hosting guest to their table, updating boards, sometimes clearance and wiping, napkin folding and placing to the respective tables, writing cheques and others as per requirement. Next was Housekeeping. I used to do cleaning tables, restrooms, placing stuff and cleaning corridor. And the last one was kitchen where I used to cutting and chopping things.

Overall experience; Good things & Bad things 
Overall it was good because I learnt many things and I saw how actually the hotel works. I gained confidence to talk to others.

Any other issue.
The only issue was that everyone thought I was a intern so they don’t take efforts to teach us anything. otherwise everyone was so supportive.


How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there? (Please elaborate.) 
I will recommend someone to intern at Hyatt regency Pune because there are lots of chances to learn things and as it was business hotel it makes us punctual.

Would you recommend any other Hotel for Internship? 
Marriott Mumbai

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