Intern Details

Anubhav Kumar Pandey, RGNUL , 2015-20

Name & location of the organisation where you interned. 

IPleaders Intelligent Legal Risk Management Solutions LLP, Delhi

Duration of Internship. Office timing 

December 2016-January 2017 Office hours: 11am- 9pm

Application process.

By mailing an internship application at

First day experience

Was given a target to achieve.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

The office will provide you with all the necessary requirements which can boost your work performance. During winters, heaters /blower at evey room, during summers AC, coffee, breakfast, lunch, evening tea. There is a particular separate office from where interns operate. Necessary guidance all throughout by the CEO L, Ramanuj Mukherjee himself..

Main task

Writing well researched and perfectly articulated, high quality legal blogs.

Overall experience; pros & cons

“When it comes to writing, there is more to unlearn than what is there to learn for people like me who has been educated in the Indian schooling system. What I was told constitute good writing when I was a kid was the biggest hindrance to improving my writing skills later on. Probably the same thing holds you back too”, says Ramanuj Mukherjee founding member and CEO of iPleaders and mentor of every intern at iPleaders.…. As the name suggests, i(intelligent)Pleaders maximises your efficiency in a time span of 3o days provided you are capable of performing decently during your internship period. You can achieve a good command over the language only when you push yourself. The best thing about the internship is you will be given a target to achieve at the very first day of your internship. This target enabled me to focus on things and prepared a mindset and made me realise of how much effort do I need to make during these time span of 30 days. These 30 days changed my life and turned it upside down. The only difference is I was inverted then, these 30 days brought my vision and focus towards the correct path. Mario Puzo says, “A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with gun”. There is a little twist to it which I learned during these 30 days. A lawyer with a briefcase can only steal more than a thousand men with guns provided the language inside that briefcase is heavier than the bullets in the gun. iPleaders blog is one of the most read legal blogs in India, one should be aware of the responsibility one owe to others while writing for the iPleaders blog. One wrong information might lead others into trouble. Hence, the blogs are formally checked before being published. Either it is plagiarism context or the legal content, every word is checked. Therefore, you will not only learn how to write but what to write too. Do intern at the iPleaders office to see a change in your professional skills. To see the difference, one can look at the blogs written by me and compare day 1 with day 30’s work.


Professionalism in legal profession is the most looked for quality in any professional.


INR 5000

How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there?

Recommendations are very high