Your Name,  Channel/Newspaper/website name 

Akhil Kumar,  IPRD, Ranchi.

Duration of Internship (Ex – 01.05.17 to 01.06.17) 

01.06.16 to 15.07.17

Duration of Internship (Ex – 01.05.17 to 01.06.17) and office timing (Ex – 10am to 4pm

45 days, 10 am to 4 pm

How did you apply there? 

Via University.

First-day experience 

It was an introductory session. I got to visit all the sections of IPRD. Met with different teams who worked on different fields like tv, radio, print, social media etc. Also, met with the director of IPRD.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength 

Infrastructure was quite good. Ac, wifi, computers, printers all the equipment were available to use. The environment of office was quite good as well. People around were very hard working and dedicated to their assigned goals.

Main task (please elaborate) 

We worked as the mouthpiece of the government. Prepared several press releases, articles, advertisements for print, radio, and tv as well. Prepared variety posts for FB, twitter pages of government.

Overall experience; pros & cons 

Overall the experience was quite good. I got to learn various aspects of public relations. Got to meet many prominent people like CM of Jharkhand, various ministers, DPRO etc. Attended a couple of press conferences as well.

Did you get a stipend? If yes, How much?