Your Name, College Name, Batch

Shivendu Singh. Central University of Jharkhand, Batch 2015.

Name & location of the Organisation where you interned.

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd, Patna

Duration of Internship (Ex – 01.05.17 to 01.06.17) and office timing (Ex – 10 am to 4 pm)

16.5.17 to 30.6.17 Office timing was- 9:30am to 5:30pm

Application process.

A letter was forwarded from the university to the Regional HR manager of Mahindra Finance, Patna. A short interview was taken by the HR and I was placed in Farm Equipment Sector, MMFSL.

First-day experience

First day was quite good for me. I was introduced to every single employee in the office by my mentor. I was given my table to work for. Also, I introduced my self to Divisional Heads of various sectors of the company.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

The infrastructure of the office was too good. Most of the employees were too helpful and were dedicated towards their work which was a kind of motivation for me to learn more and more from them.

Main task

I was placed in Farm Equipment Sector of Mahindra Finance. My job was to get the leads of the farm equipment (Tractors, Diesel Generator sets and tractor implements) from the dealers of Patna area. After getting the lead, I had to investigate the customer in various ways like field investigation, document collection, CIBIL check etc. I learnt how to do EMLAP entry. After proper investigation of the customer’s background, the approval or rejection of the loan request was done. A business executive and MT aided me in all these processes and taught me everything about how the business is generated. Doing all these things, I experienced many kinds of customers and dealers which in turn groomed my experience. On the basis of my job, I decided to do my research project on “market analysis of tractor finance and customer’s perception about the company”.

Overall experience; Good things & Bad things

For the first time working for a company was too exciting for me. My job required meeting people with different backgrounds. That was too beneficial for me as I made so many good contacts for the future requirements. There were no such bad experiences which I need to mention. Overall the training went GOOD.

Did you get a stipend? If yes, How much?


Any other thing you would like to include?

One thing I would like to include about the pressure which is there in corporate. Due to the competition in the market, employees have to work in so much pressure which is delivered to them from the top management. The game runs in a “Do or Die” kind of situation.