Intern Details

Nishtha Shukla, 2nd year, RGNUL.

Name & location of the organisation where you interned.

SCCOnline+EBC, Lucknow.

Duration of Internship. Office timing

1st July, 2016 to 28th July, 2016. 10am to 6pm.

Application process.

Email at

First day experience

The timings and rules are strict but the work is good. You don’t sit idle.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

The employees are used to having interns so, the interns are treated more or less at par with all other employees. The interns get their own desks to work.

Main task

Case notes. And research and reading work for the publications.

Overall experience; pros & cons 

It’s a nice place to work within the first 3 semesters of law school. You get to read a lot and therefore be more aware of how things works. However, what you take back from the internship is totally on you.


The place teaches you professionalism. You learn to be accountable for your work and learn better writing skills.


N.A. (however, there is a list of books you can choose from)

How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there?

Yes. I would recommend the first and second year students to intern at SCC.