Name & location of the Hotel where you interned.
Taj Exotica (Calwaddo,Salcete,Benaulim,Goa 403716)

Intern Details (Name, college name, batch)
Mr.Shyamdas Bandyopadhyay, Batch- 2015 – 2018

Duration of Internship. Office timing
Approx 4 Months (5th December – 31st March) Timings are according to shifts. Mostly I have worked 9 -10 hours in a day.

Application process.

I chose Exotica because of higher standard and Rating.I called Taj Exotica at the month of August.The L&D Manager Mr.Kartik Khanna asked for my CV and then he gave me a date for telephonic interview.I was selected and it was just like a dream come true.So 1st choose the hotels where you want to do your internship and start calling the hotels before 3/4 months of your training because nowadays there are heavy demands of best 5 star hotels for internship.

First day experience

My 1st day experience was awesome.I reported to HR in the morning and submitted all my documents.Our asst. HR manager conducted induction training first.Then I was guided through different working areas of the hotel by her.I was instructed about the rules and regulations followed by Taj Exotica management policy.I personally met all the HODs and introduced myself on that day and I must say it helped me a lot through my 4 months journey.I requested to my HR that I want to start my training from that day only and I was sent to HK. I met my HK supervisor and he told me to go ground blocks with 2 GRA.At the end of the day my supervisor gave me the schedule for the next day onwards.
Infrastructure and environment at the Hotel; team strength *
Located on the southwest coast of Goa, overlooking the Arabian Sea, this Mediterranean style resort is the best five star hotel in Goa.Taj Exotica is a showcase for relaxation with tropical-inspired design touches, grand architecture, a sun-drenched atrium, wide shady corridors, and flower lined patios for a memorable stay.The hotel has it’s private golf course, private cricket ground, tennis courts etc. The most uniqueness of this hotel is it has a own private Sea Beach named Taj Beach.High end accomodation and extremely high quality service has made Exotica one of the best beach resort allover in Asia.

Main task

I did my internship in all 4 departments.I would like to elaborate on the tasks performed by me .

HOUSE KEEPING – I was in HK for 1 month.First day my supervisor sent me to guest room with 2 GRA. They showed me each and everything about the room and how to work maintaining proper standards and quality followed by Taj HK policy.They taught me all the standard cleaning procedure and what to do, what not to do while cleaning a guest room.I learned everything about the HK standards, pantry,maid trolley,cleaning processes etc.They observed my work for 3-4 days and then they allowed me to clean the guest room alone while the guest is inside.So many times they used to give me Master Key and tell me to start the turndown service.Thanks to Safiq, Azad, Suraj Sir, Daniel Sir and all the HK employees for teaching me and helping me for this 1 month.Now I can say that I know everything about the HK of Taj and it was not possible without their kind support.

FRONT OFFICE = First of all I must say that FO is my favourite Dept and I did my training in FO for 1 and half month.I managed the welcoming of the guests and greeting them for first 2 days.Then I started doing all the work in reception.I used to do guest profiling at the afternoon shift.I was there in night shift for 14 days.At night time I had to do C Forms, Updating of C Forms in FRRO Website, Taj glitch update, Guest Info, Billing.I was sent to airport shift for 7 days.My work was to greet the guests at airport and escort them from airport to Taj Exotica by hotel luxury cabs.People say in big hotels trainees are not allowed to work in front but I think it’s totally up to you and your work.I was there in  front for 1 and half month.Thanks to Kunal Sir, Ajeet Sir, Mansi mam, Regan Sir, Zenissa for their kind support.For a single time I did not feel that I am a trainee.We became a family. I earned a good reputation in Front Office. My special thanks to Merunissa mam as she tought me each and everything specially and so many thanks to my FO supervisor for giving good preference for my work to the HR team.

FOOD & BEVERAGE = I was there in F&B for 1 month.First I was sent to Li Bai which is a Chinese speciality restaurant of Taj Exotica.There I had to welcome the guest, taking order from them using KOT, Food pick up from hot plate and serving the guest.I learned a lot here about the different service styles and how to handle the guest if there is any problem with the food or service quality. I also worked in Coffee shop breakfast service. There is always a big rush at the BF time and I had to run every time as per the guest order.I worked in Coffee shop evening service also and there the job was same as Li Bai. I was sent to banquet for 3 days to take care of some tables at a big group arrival as I was preferenced by my Restaurant Manager. I worked in each F&B outlet of Exotica.Thanks to my managers Nishad Sir, Biraj sir and Mr.Manoj Mishra (Director of F&B) for their kind support.It was a big opportunity for a trainee to work with those great personality as a team.

FOOD PRODUCTION = I was less interested in FP as comparing to other dept.I did my training in FP only for 14 days.I was sent to bakery and my job was to make cookies, mud cake, Banana cake, pudding etc. I was there in night shift for 5 days in bakery. At night time I had to make bread and arrange the bakery items for next morning coffee shop Breakfast.Thanks to my CDP Avinash and chef pankaj for their kind support.

Overall experience; Good things & Bad things 
Needless to say that this experience was a highly enriching and educative one as I went on from one department to another and got the opportunity to train under several respected senior professionals. I learnt that every individual is different and that every one has something unique to offer. I learnt that every job has its nuances and its value and that no job is superior to the other. I learnt that on needs to constantly improve and improvise. I learnt that this is just the beginning of a long road ahead – full of challenges. But I know that I will be able to run along because I have my foundations firmly built in.

1250 Rs. Per month.

How likely are you willing to recommend someone to intern there? (Please elaborate.)
Taj Exotica is a very good hotel for internship.Here are some recent awards – 1)best beach resort of the year 2017 by lonely planet magazine India. 2)Hotel of the year 2016 award for business excellence 3)Best hotel in five star deluxe category , National Tourism Award 2014-2015 4)6th best spa in all over Asia , Taj Exotica Jiva Spa. The only problem is – Goa is so much expensive. If you get a chance to do training from Taj Exotica and can afford the expenses then go for it. But I must say that don’t think your experience will be same as mine. Of course it can be but it totally depends on your effort and your work because your every movement will be observed there.Your behaviour, working skills with speed and mainly your communication- these 3 things will help you there.Many students have done their training From exotica but you decide that you want to be in front or in back area. So keep developing yourself .You are not supposed to carry tables in banquet, do bell boy’s task in FO and cleaning of bathroom in HK as an IHM student.So, if you are willing to go there prepare for the interview and start doing your best. My L&D Manager Kartik sir told me that do something in your training so that I will remember you if you come after 10 years also, Don’t do some labour work for 4 months and go back to college as you got rid of the hell.I have done my best in these 4 months. I enjoyed a lot,learned a lot. Wish you best of luck for the same.Thank you.

Would you recommend any other Hotel for Internship?
Grand Oberoi Kolkata, Vivanta by Taj Dwarka,Taj Bengal, Taj lands end, ITC grand chola,ITC grand Bharat, Park Hyatt Goa , Leela palace Bangalore, Leela kovalam etc.

Accommodation (Did you avail any PG? if yes, provide its contact details.)
I used to stay in a Rent house with my two friends. Near Maria hall, Dando football ground, Benaulim, South Goa. Rent – Rs. 21000 per month.

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