Intern Details

Anshita Gupta, RGNUL, 2015

Name & location of the organisation where you interned

SJ LAW, Mumbai

Duration of Internship. Office timing

30 days; 10 to 8 (officially) but if there is loads of work , you have to stay at office till midnight

Application process

Apply by sending the resume to Mr. Namit Gehlot (senior associate who also handles recruiting section and internship section) at and then there would be telephonic interview.

Infrastructure and environment at the office; team strength

Though office is small, but infrastructure is good with separate desks for interns and associates, conference halls, kitchen etc. Also, they have their own portal and they provide intern id to interns for facilitation of the work. Environment at the office is conducive. Associates are warm, polite and they guide interns properly and explain all work even twice, if required. Also, you are allowed to take short breaks of 5 mins. between your work(although formal permission for break is required) Like all Law firms, this firm is too divided into teams with different projects, headed by senior associates and there is great team strength.

Main task (please elaborate)

SJ Law mainly deals in Project Financing. The work is given according to the help needed by associate but generally associates here give small work initially as- mapping, preparing case briefs, proof reading, clerical work, research work on RBI guidelines regarding companies and lending and if you do the given work efficiently then they give you more legal work as- preparing DDR, going through Financing agreements and helping out in preparation of financing documents. The work is given generally by everybody- associate, senior associate and sometimes the name partner may also give you work.

Overall experience; pros & cons

Over all experience was great. Pros were the associates were lenient, you can arrive at office by 11 also, short breaks were given, the food joints were very near, free food and cab reimbursement was given for staying late and Cons were no stipend, if there is a work, then you have to stay late(even till 12 or 1 ) and maximum times, there is a loads of work.


No stipend but they order food and do reimburse for the cab expense if you work late.