Aman Sinha, 22, a second year MA history student at JNU, alleged yesterday on Facebook that he was beaten by the security forces at the Rajiv Chowk Metro station for wearing earphones.

He wrote on Facebook – “Today evening at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station’s security check, I was going through the queue but the CISF guards stopped me because I had put on earphones. They asked me to put them off in a very despotic manner but I defied them and as the argument accelerated the public there supported me. So they let me pass through the security check but when I was waiting for my sister who was coming in through the ladies queue, one CISF guy came again and asked me – where am I from? what do I do? etc.

As I told them my name and I am a student at JNU, after knowing my name he asked by ‘pura naam’.

The public at the security check argued against the CRPF guys as they also were frustrated at the way they were talking to me, their fellow citizen, and that could be seen in the CCTV.

Then another CISF person came and said you are spoiling the name of the nation, ‘Pakistan bhejenge tum mussalay ko aaj.’

They dragged me through the public to the security office through the very long passage where there was no CCTV and no public.

They started abusing my mother and sister, thrashing and beating me very badly, saying that ‘public k samne hamara nam kharab kar diya, I tried to record it which they later made me delete it threw away my phone.

Finally, when we reached the control room office of Rajiv Chowk, boss of the other staffs supported me, even though I told them the whole incident. But they further beat me. Later their senior officer came, she asked my ID which I gave and even though I was crying, she did nothing to help me. People in the ATM lines saw me crying as the control office have a transparent glass. Then one of the guys at the office said, ‘ hamare office me hai tu, scene krega to hum kuchh bhi kar sakte hain, police bhi tujhe hi uthayegi’. The CRPF people told her that due to people like me, the glory of the nation has vanished. She talked to me in fluent English, probably so that the CRPF people couldn’t understand my arguments with her; even after knowing that I was molested by those ‘who claims to protect citizens’.

Their mentality is shown by the fact that one of those two guards rubbed the dung stuck to his shoes on my jeans.

Now, I don’t know what was my fault. Whether it was that I am a student of a university which stands for social justice or it was for putting on the headphones. In both cases, this incident shows how corrupt our state machinery is. How layman is treated.

Rather than securing the cows, we should stand for securing the common people of this country. The issue is not that I was beaten, I have had enough of it in protests but the issue is the despotic and aristocratic manner in which the stakeholders of the law behave. I can only imagine the brutality of masculinist armed forces in Kashmir and North East.”

As per a report of The Telegraph – CISF deputy inspector-general Raghubir Lal promised an “inquiry under a commandant”.

“We’ll also examine the closed-circuit television footage,” he told The Telegraph. “The CISF doesn’t allow this sort of thing. Strong action will be taken if anyone is found guilty of violating the rules on interaction with commuters.”

Aman, who allegedly beaten up by the security forces, is from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, had twice earlier been assaulted by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad activists during the street protests by Delhi University students in February against ABVP violence at Ramjas College. The ABVP has suspended two of its cadres for the violence.