Kiran Jaisinghani along with her partner Meghana started the brand Myoho, a very famous brand of clothing lines. A graduate in commerce, Kiran decided to follow her passion and become a designer. Now having various celebrities clientele, Myoho is reaching new heights.

Tell us about your educational background.

I was actually a  commerce student, academically I was a fairly good, I was a good student in terms of accounts and everything so I chose to do C.A and because my peers were also going for that I decided to do C.A and at that time there was not much option for a commerce student. But when I took up to do CA I realized that this is not what I want to do for rest of my life. But at the same time I had to be aware of the fact that I am not choosing to leave this because I am finding it very difficult or demanding or grueling, it was because I could not picturise myself for rest of my life, so after I passed the foundation, I left charter accountancy and then I was not sure what wanted to do, but I was sure that I wanted to choose a profession which I would enjoy doing more than anything because I believe if enjoy what you do, you will excel in it with very ease. So that was the clarity I achieved after I did the C.A. Then there was a friend of mine who was in fashion designing and very coincidentally or you can say very randomly I chose fashion designing and then I went to London College of Fashion and did a short course there. The London College of Fashion did not teach me too much in terms of education but it opened up my concept which I really needed at that time and it exposed me to styling, it just opened up my mind in that sphere and I think it was a worthwhile experience.

Did you go for any formal internship after you passed out from London College of Fashion?                                                                                                                       

I interned at Mumbai with Sheetal design studio with Hemant Trivedi and at that time internship was quite valuable, but at the point I feel that it is very important in the formative year of your career right after you pass out of the college that you do something that you identify with , it not necessary that it should be a big company or a big name, it could be any small company or anything but it has to be in the direction of your aesthetic or your calling, it is very vital that you identify with where you are, for example I chose Indian wear at that time I went Sheetal, I didn’t even see what they do, I just thought it is a very coveted place, but later I realized that it was not what I wanted to do, I realized that Indian wear is not what I wanted to do and I started to questioning my abilities and this is very common problem because as a beginner when you join a place and don`t identify with, then you start to have serious doubt regarding you potential and this should not be in the formative years, you should be passionate about where you go. So that is very important that your formative year should be in the place where the aesthetic or your calling you identify with.

Do you take interns?                                                                                                    

Yes, every year we get few students from different colleges who train with us for a period of 2 months to 4 months. So at the time they are of immense help to us and at times they are not, it depends on the students, how eager they are to learn because they will only learn when they will allow themselves to learn. If they are pro-active then they will learn if not, they will not be able to learn.

What is the procedure to applying for an internship under you?                        

Generally, we receive a call from the head of the institution regarding the application of internship of the interested students and we take this more seriously than the students calling us or mailing us individually. So we get lots of emails regarding internships, but we do not entertain each and everyone individually when we receive a call from the institution in which the student is studying then the chances of providing internships gets higher. It’s also very much timing based, at which time of the year students are applying. And it also depends upon whether we are already having an intern with us or not, so it is better to pre-book the slots for the internships.

So you are a fairly successful designer, how would you chronicle your journey from literally nothing to everything?                                                                              I think it was a difficult journey because it took me more time to identify. Identification of path took a long time, I went on a few wrong path and then when I was very clear that this is what I want to do everything turned relatively very easy but not till I had come to the clarity. Even in fashion, there are so many things, so exactly knowing what you want to do take some time. So the minute I decided that what I wanted to do then I think everything turned very easy. Luckily I got a really good partner to work with me. I was really compatible with her aesthetically and temperament wise and we managed to do or work very effortlessly. We don’t work too hard, it is more of a balanced life we have a balance in our personal as well as professional life. We do not place work over everything else as far as we are enjoying it or the work is not causing too much pressure.

Kareena Kapoor wearing dress designed by Kiran and Meghana.


What is your advice to the students who want to start their own label?

I think experience is very important and I think these days students start their label very soon they are too confident on this thing and unfortunately, it don’t go for much longer. So I think it’s very, very important to work under some designer or work under some corporate house or export house, any place where you can connect with your aesthetics. You should work for at least 3 years with different designers or different corporate houses. So you need at least 3 to 4 years to learn the basics of this field because it is not only about designing, the design is a really small percentage of the whole system. You have to learn how to run a business because in a country like India, getting some work done it is not an easy task. So you have to learn how to get things done. You have to learn to deal with the intricacies involved in accounts and money, you have to learn how to get things done by your employees how to do marketing of your product. So I think there are lots of elements in starting your label and I think students are not well equipped to deal with these things just after they come out of college. So students have to focus on practical things and have to be patient

You just said experience is very important before starting a label. Where did you work for experience?  

I was at the Sheetal Design Studio for about one and half year and I was dealing with Indian wear then after that I went to the London College of Fashion to broaden my perspective and learn about new aspects of fashion. When I came back, I joined Priyadarshini Rao for one and a half year I worked under her, that experience was very priceless to me. I am still in touch with her she has been a guiding light for me when I started my own label. It was there where I met my partner Meghna and from there onwards we worked together.

Where you look yourself after 5 years from now?

We are looking for a brand expansion, we are looking to break into the interior designing and furnishing. We are looking to expand in international markets, especially in European markets.

What is your parting message to the students?

Find your niche do not settle for something small, do not try to copy or follow the mass. Keep an eye on what should sell because you are here to sell and not keep your stuff in the museum, so firstly this thing has to be taken care of and do exactly what is your handwriting, find your handwriting and don`t compromise on that.

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