A typical day at college!

Either you enjoy daylife or the nightlife. The early birds do reach the morning lectures in full vigor in contrast to guys like us who get up 15 min before the class and run to catch the bus(they are our saviors). The class hours are from 8 am to 6 pm and are usually loaded, depending on your coursework. Occasional breaks and lunch hours are the best times to hang around with friends and Professors. The campus life springs up in action after 6 pm when students start engaging in sports activities or into happenings of various clubs and societies or practicing for General Championships. The last hours are usually filled with people completing their assignments or few like me keep on roaming around campus late till midnight. And the best part is that you can easily find food here even at 3 am in the morning!!

Practical and theoretical aspects of the course

I am doing a major in Electronics & Electrical Communications Engineering. The coursework is framed in a balanced manner. Most of the theory courses are accompanied with their lab components. Overall it is a good mix. And the best part is that you have choice of taking additional subjects of any department.

Exams and its recurrence

Exams are held twice a semester along with regular assignments and class test.

Usual breakup of marking scheme is (weightage out of 100):

Mid-Semester Exam: 30

End-Semester Exam: 50

Attendance, Class Tests, Projects and Assignments: 20

Time spent on studies every day

Depends totally on you and the proximity to exams!! Apart from the normal class hours, I am usually busy in completing my assignments and Project work. But with exams coming close self-study hours do shoot up from 2 hours to 12 hours. Basically it is more based on your other priorities given that we have so much things to do.


Projects are included in curriculum in 4th and 5th years of study but most of the students get involved in them from their first semester too. Research environment is quite good over here and students can easily approach Professors or research groups to be a part of them. I have been involved in various projects since my third year and I can say with surety that it helps a lot in your career building.

Industry visits/ exposure

Students start going for internships since their first year. But the best time according to me is the summers of second year. First year can be utilized in building up your skills. I had been to VLSI Summer School at IIT Kharagpur under Prof. Mrigank Sharad during my second year summers and in my third year summer I worked on a research project in University of Alberta, Canada. Foreign and Industrial internships are a good way of exploring world around you and building a good professional network.

Things that I miss

If you have enough time and patience then you can do anything, but I don’t think this statement works anywhere. Life is so fast over here that you just can’t find time to do things if you are indecisive in nature. I wished I could give a live violin performance some day with the tunes of Mohabbatein but that thing is far right now, I haven’t even started with it. Just plan your things and decide few goals before making a large leap. And the best way is to use your holidays to learn something new every time.

College life and Hostel(Hall) life

Now this is the thing that is the charm of IIT Kharagpur. Living in a small town, you don’t have malls and restaurants out there so most of the time we hang out with our friends, roaming around the campus. The intra-hall events (General Championships) are quite happening part and students are involved quite a lot wither playing or cheering their teams. And how am I missing those fantastic Illumination and Rangoli preparations. I can bet you must have never seen a better Rangoli than we make here. Just do a Google search and enjoy the rest.

Hobbies, extra-curricular activities, societies and more

I am quite interested in playing Cricket and Badminton. So whenever I am free I am out there playing these games. Apart from that I am Editor in Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur which is the campus media body and was Head of Events in Student Welfare Group. I have been involved in campus fests(Kshitij) too during my first year here.

5 good and 5 bad things about the course/branch

5 good things about the branch

  • It’s a mix of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science

  • There is a lot of new things going around in electronics in which you can startUp

  • The department provides you with a lot of facilities not available in almost any college in India, one of which is the free of cost Chip fabrication.

  • The professors of the department are highly qualified as well as helpful

  • And at last you get a good paying job in here

5 bad things about the branch

  • Intense coursework

  • Improperly designed experiments in few courses

  • Too many people

  • Less practical projects in coursework

  • Morning 8’o clock classes ?

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