Kindly introduce yourself to our readers. (your name, where are you from and where do you live currently, where do you work, etc.)

Hello Everyone, my name is Medha Ojha. I am from Bikaner, Rajasthan. I did my B. Tech from Chennai. Very Soon, I’ll be joining Bank of America Continuum Ltd, India as a Senior Technical Associate.

Tell us about your school education. What role did your school play in helping you decide your career choice?

My school shaped my personality. It played an important role in my life. I studied in a Convent school where emphasis was laid on discipline. Hence, I won’t say that there was no role of my school in deciding my choice of career. In fact, choosing engineering was an impulsive decision.

How much role, according to you, does a coaching play in getting into a good college? Is it essential for an aspiring engineer to join a coaching institute?

If one studies sincerely in the coaching class, then surely it makes a huge difference.

From which college did you complete your Engineering? What was your stream in B. Tech, and what made you opt for it?

I did my engineering at VIT University, Chennai campus in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.  I chose this stream because I was very much fascinated by Power Grid.

Tell us about your college life.

One gets to learn a lot in these 4 years of engineering. It’s like a roller coaster ride. This phase marks a shift from a carefree teenager to a mature, serious and a career-oriented individual. College life teaches you how to manage your time and how to deal with different type of people.

Did you participate in co-curricular activities while you were in college?

Well, I have been actively involved in many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Amongst many, the following two were the most memorable ones which are as follows: -.

  • Team Saksham International (Automotive Research Team) which builds All-Terrain vehicles and participates in off road racing.
  • Being a General Secretory at National Service Scheme

How much college grades matter in securing a job?

It depends from company to company. In some cases, they recruit people whom they find most suitable for their job profile. Nothing else matters.

How much internship is important in b-tech? Any remarkable experiences during your internships that shaped your career?

They add up to your resume and enables you to identify your area of interest. Also, it gives a good impression to the interviewer.

There is a general belief that the education in engineering colleges is largely theoretical in approach. How far is it true?

This is true to some extent. It’s up to you to make yourself proficient in practical skills.  All depends upon you how much you can utilise the resources provided by the college.

Do you think that it is possible for a student from a private college to secure a job with a good profile with likes of those in IITs?

Yes, it is possible, As I have stated before, all depends upon the job profile and the potential of a student.

How did you get recruited at your present place of work? Describe your role at your place of work.

I got the job at Bank of America Continuum Ltd through campus placement. I have been working here since July, 2017 as a technical associate.

What message would you like to convey to an aspiring student of engineering?

Find new opportunities in your college. Make new friends and learn new skills. College is a place where you can have many amazing memories. Make memories while learning.

Interview Taken by Shashank Shekhar Singh & Edited by Harshvardhan