The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies and the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at King’s College London invite proposals for the 2018 Annual BRISMES Conference on the theme of ‘New Approaches to Studying the Middle East’.

Middle Eastern studies have been undergoing a quiet revolution over the past decade. As scholars have grappled with explaining unfolding events in the region, the field has seen a heightened level of reflection on theoretical models, concepts, sources, and methodologies, as well as on the politics and ethics of Middle Eastern studies.

In political economy, a renewed focus on the global, the historical and the social have encouraged a more sustained dialogue with international relations, history, and historical sociology, while historians of the region have been galvanized by the broader turns to ‘world history’ and ‘global international relations’. Anthropology has built on new conceptualizations of female agency in the context of studying Islamism and expanded its focus on sexuality and youth. Deepening engagement with queer studies has given rise to innovative readings of techniques of subjection and the positionality of the critique itself.

BRISMES 2018 offers an opportunity to take stock of, celebrate and foster innovations in the field. We encourage proposals that take up the theme in original ways, exploring not only new approaches but bringing different new approaches into dialogue with each other, including across disciplines and across regions. We similarly encourage proposals reflecting on the ethical and political challenges facing research in and on the Middle East.

In addition, we warmly invite proposals on any topic related to Middle Eastern Studies, regardless of their fit with the conference’s main theme. Our aim is to foster dialogue between scholars studying the Middle East and North Africa from all disciplines.

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