Students at National Law Institute University (NLIU) –  Bhopal have started an indefinite protest over a number of issues at the law school. The students claim that the authority has failed to address the students’ grievances.

“Bacche hai hum, kaidi nahi; College hai ye, jail nahi!”

The students have now assembled in the college premises, raising slogans and holding placards in a peaceful demonstration.

Letter to Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court

The students have also sent a letter to Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court and Chairman of the NLIU’s General Council, Justice Hemant Gupta.

The letters contain a list of grievances and demands, which are not exhaustive.

Academic Grievances

Delay in the release of results

The letter states that the university is not implementing the academic policy as per which the results of the previous trimester will be declared in the first 14 days of the commencement of the next trimester.

However, the declaration of results has been delayed across batches and this is not the first instance of such delay. There have been multiple instances of results being declared at least a year after students appeared for the same, the letter claims.

Accountability of Professors

Standard Curriculum and Modules

Students have expressed their grievances with regard to the professors‟ failures to complete the subject syllabus before the examination.There also have been multiple instances of different teachers following varied curricula while teaching the same subject.

Marking Scheme and absence of Model Answer Sheets

Teachers do not prepare model answers or a standardized marking scheme before correcting papers. In light of the continuous revisions to the paper pattern and the total marks awarded per answer/paper, it is imperative for the teachers to take into considerations such changes in order to avoid erroneous correction.

Of particular mention is the correction of the CrPC-I papers of the Batch of 2019. Not only were several students arbitrarily failed in the examination, but the concerned Professor was unable to justify the reason for his manner of marking.

Re-evaluating decoded answer sheets

Teachers have been found increasing marks under influence of, or due to the personal bias for, some students, which is completely arbitrary and unfair to other students, the letter claims.

Re-Evaluation Process

Reevaluation is done by the same teacher who evaluated the copy in the first instance. This completely negates the purpose of re-evaluation, as the students are not provided an independent evaluation of their answer sheets.

The re-evaluation policy permits students to only submit two papers per trimester. Further, the re-evaluation fee of Rs. 1000 per subject is exorbitant.

Library timing

The University library is open until 9 PM only. This restriction on the accessibility of essential resources to students acts as a major hindrance in their preparation for various co-curricular activities. Further, during Saturday/Sunday, the library is open only until 6 PM, which is not only against students‟ interest but is also unreasonable.

Attendance Grievance

Several students have faced lack of cooperation from the administration while requesting for academic leave for strictly medical purposes, even in special and extreme circumstances. The letter contains three cases of medical leave rejection by the NLIU authorities.

A student had injured her vertebral column, and the injury was so severe that she was advised immediate and complete bed rest for a minimum of 3 months, or run the risk of paralysis.

The NLIU administration rejected the leave application, with reasons like ‘these
reports could be fake’ and ‘bar council rules require this much attendance’.

They also did not allow a stretcher in the classroom and even the use of the elevator, already installed in the university, by the student.

Another student who had suffered from multiple facial fractures, three fractures and a wrist dislocation had to face immense hostility from the University administration. His application for medical leave was also rejected.