Chef Narmada, alumni of  From NSHM School of Management recounts her experience with Enjoy Reading!

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Please introduce yourself in your own words to our readers?

Hello, readers! I’m Narmada, from Patna. I did my hotel management from NSHM College of Management and Technology, Durgapur, West Bengal. I got listed in Leela in 2014 and at that time I was just got off from my college. I was also selected for Oberoi after that. I have just completed my three years of the kitchen in July, this year.

There is a prevalent notion that girls are not suitable for a career in Hotel Management? How did you convince your family to pursue a career in hotel management?

In the beginning, nobody in my family wanted me to choose hospitality industry. But I was very good in cooking so I thought that it would be good for me to pursue hotel management. I told my parents that I want to pursue hotel management but they did not encourage me for it. I applied for the course and a bank loan for an education loan. Fortunately, I was granted the loan which made my further studies possible.

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Did you face any problem on grounds that you are from Bihar?

No, there was no such incidence.  When I was working in Leela there were plenty of people from Bihar along with me. We never faced any discrimination on this ground.

How did you get motivated to pursue your career in hotel management?

The motivation to go for hotel management was within me. I was very good at cooking. so I thought that doing something in which I am good would be good for my career.

Where did you begin your career?

I worked in Leela for two years and currently, I’m working in Bangalore.

Why did you leave Leela Group?

The main factor you can say was the low salary.

You are a Chef, is the profession of chef suitable for girls?

Working in the kitchen can be good for girls because it has a lot of potential to grow. But there is a lot of hard work also. You have to be passionate about your work. Nowadays, many girls apply for a job in the kitchen and due to this, it has become very challenging and competitive.

Where did you do your internship? How was your experience over there?

I did my internship at Hotel Lalit Mumbai. My experience there was not very good because it was very tough to work in such a big hotel. The working hours in the hotel was very long and that made things really tough. There was a saying that there is no in-timing or out-timing in the hospitality industry. We were asked to work for 14 to 16 hours.

What would be your message to the students pursuing a course in Hotel Management?

You have to have a passion to work in the hospitality industry. You should to always try to be different from the others. You have to forget everything and focus on you and your work and try to be competitive.

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Why did you decide to become a bartender?

I was actually a chef in my third year. I was doing all these ODC events. And one day there wasn’t any space for a chef at ODC and they were like… do you want to work in the bar? I agreed. What did I have to do? I just have to make Sprint drinks, talk to people and do service once in a while. I agreed. I was also getting a better salary than working as a chef… continue…

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