Oindrila Chatterjee, is a graduate from I.H.M Chennai. She is currently working with Intercontinental, Chennai. In this interview with acadman.in she shared with us her understanding about cracking Management Trainee Programme among other things. 

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How would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Well to start with I am Oindrila Chatterjee from Kolkata, and I did my Bachelors of Science from I.H.M Chennai. Currently I am working in Intercontinental Chennai, Mahabalipuram as an igrad. I always had a passion for hotel industry which lead me to what I am today.I believe in enjoying every moments of my life and love taking part in all cultural activities which makes me feel ecstatic.

How was your life at I.H.M Chennai?

My life was simply amazing in I.H.M Chennai it one of the best college in India and ranked 34th  best hotel management college in world. I feel proud to be an alumni of I.H.M Chennai. College taught me every single basics things which are required to be a good hotelier. I actively took part in all the events and was leading the food and beverage service in our Food Fest. That was a great exposure for me to learn. So college had guided me and prepared me for every single challenges that can come in front of me.

How was your I.E.T experience?

I did my I.E.T from Taj, Coromandel and there I actually started assessing myself on what I like and what I don`t .From training I got to know how good it feels to get connected with guest from different places flocked under one roof. I started loving food and beverage service from my training days. It definitely plays a pivotal role in my life.

Please tell us the whole process of cracking MT?

Cracking MT is not that difficult. Definitely we are very scared before sitting for campus recruitment because its the first time but its not at all that difficult. Just be yourself. These three magical words will help you to crack one.The whole process which I went through were pretty interesting where I came across 7 rounds to be an igrad and every single round came with a box full of surprises. Definitely to crack M.T one have to be good with their group discussion skills which will help them to cross the very first round in most of the campus recruitment. Then the rest of the rounds may vary it can be extempore in some or may differ in others. Situation Handling was another round and few others including your personal interview and presentation.T hats all about the entire process of cracking M.T.

What kind of skills are required to crack MT?

Your communication should be strong. You should have the basic knowledge about every departments properly. You should have the zeal to learn new things. You should be adaptive to new surroundings and should be eager enough to accept new challenges. Last but not the least be confident and be yourself.

What are your responsibility of being a MT in your hotel?

My responsibility in my phase one was to concentrate on what I am learning from my hotel and to know about every departments. To know about the brand properly and be brand hearted as I.H.G said and accept new challenges that is coming across my way. One of the biggest responsibility was to handle guest in whichever department we were in. It was our responsibility to make sure that guest feel good about our hotel.

How much marks matter for cracking MT program?

Marks actually doesn’t play a very important role in cracking MT except few hotels. But its always good to have a decent mark sheet with good score which is not that difficult.

What would be your message to young students who want to crack the MT program?

Be passionate about this industry. Always have thirst for knowledge. Be curious for new things.Your hard work and your dedication can lead you to success and trust me its not that tough, so work hard and make things happen.