Please share something about your earlier academic background and why you chose law as a career?

I started studying in a Bengali medium school and I began my education through English medium at the college level. I studied in ICSE board school for my higher secondary classes and then I took a drop year and gave the exam. I once attended a seminar that fascinated me a lot which resulted in my choosing law as a career. I found law to be an amazing sphere and also a very sophisticated profession. Also that time the concept of National law Universities were just introduced so it fascinated me a lot.

Tell our readers about your experiences of WBNUJS as a law student?

I had a great time. NUJS is an amazing institution which is very liberal and it had a very lasting impression on me. It had an environment where students were given freedom and power to make decisions and take responsibility. There was a competitive environment which helped us grow. It was great. I am much more effective than I can be because of the fact that I was a part of NUJS.

What kind of internships did you undertake as a student of WBNUJS?

I did many different internships like interning in an NGO to a law firm and litigators. I suggest that law students should take up internships according to their area of interest because trying out the entire sphere in two months of internship won’t let you know the scenario as a whole. For example- If someone is interested in litigation, they should take more internships under litigators because that will help them know the area better.

What are the essential activities that a law student must do at a law school?

So a law student can do many extracurricular activities but more importantly what really counts is to have a real life impact on something, to do real help. A real life impact by a law student can be made by many different activities like helping poor people who cannot afford a lawyer, you can help an entrepreneur in his startup because that will further help many people. Other than that activities like mooting and debating are always the good option but what really matters is to have a real life impact.

Please share something about startups that you have started?

Startups are really great opportunities to make a difference. You can create whatever you want, new ideas, new culture or business whatever you want. So startups provide you with great amount of opportunities.

As a founder of ClikLawyer or CEO of iPleader, what are the qualities you look for in an employee as a recruiter?

So primarily what you want is that people who are leaders, who can take charge of something and manage everything on their own, the one who can actually run the system. This is what a valuable employee is, who can take up a task and do it on their own rather than to train them and help them in every task.

You are an avid writer and blogger. Please share some tips for young writers and bloggers?

Keep writing because for a writer this is the best thing you can do. Don’t try to write five articles or two articles in a month. Try to write an article daily or two articles daily. Keep writing because regular writing will make the best out of you and make you a beautiful writer.

You are a founder of more than one popular legal startups. According to you how much feasible are these legal startups and how a law student should prepare himself if he is interested in this initiative 

There is a lot of scope for real startups in the industry because law is a very cold sphere and does not have much innovation. There is a lot of under term market because of the people who haven’t have real success in the industry so keep on doing good work because there is a lot of scope and opportunities for those who really want to become something. One should not expect short term results because industry like this requires time and work so be ready to dedicate long hours and work diligently and this is the best tip to the ones who are upcoming heroes of this industry. For achieving success in startups one should have himself worked with them because just the idea of startups is not enough.

What would be your message to the students across India?

Whatever you do, do it passionately and really work on it for long because today what people want is short cuts and short term results. For a long term success be ready to invest  long hours and energy and do it passionately.

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