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“The best place to find yourself  is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Hospitality may not be easy work, but it can still be quite rewarding. You just have to roll with the challenges that present themselves and maintain a positive outlook.

Hospitality prepares students to make their own path as professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Shubham Chopra, writer of this piece, is a second year Hotel Management student at Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Let’s raise a “toast” to the status of chefs in India, from “Tu Bawarchi banega” to “beta- You should become a chef.”

Let’s see the insight of what this Glamorous field of Hospitality has to offer and this will encourage all those aspirants who want to pursue Hotel Management but are afraid to a step. Here are 8 best things about hospitality jobs:

1. Your business is all about people

Whether you are at the reception or in the service or in the kitchen every time when you came to work you make someone’s day a little better. Helping the guest, assisting him/her, trying to make their stay more comfortable and memorable one.

2. It’s all about diversity and great atmosphere 

The field of hospitality offers you a multi-cultural environment in which you can work. This doesn’t limit to your interactions with International guests but also includes the staff members who are from different countries, culture, background, there believes and its hard to find such diversity in any other field.

3. It gives you room to grow and develop

This industry not only allows you to develop as a professional but also as a person. We have an immaculate grooming sense. Being charming comes naturally to us. The world of hospitality adds much more our your life, we work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Flexibility of working hours

If you are not one of those who loves 9 to 5 job, hospitality industry welcomes you with open arms. This industry involves a great variety of working hours as well as working spaces. You can be at concierge, travel desk, f&b service etc.

5. Perks and other benefits

Hoteliers get special discounts and offers at spa, pubs, restaurants & cinemas etc. We enjoy gaurmant meals, more over we get a chance to interact with celebrities and VVIP’s.

6. VIP guests are kind of friends

The most fascinating thing which this industry offers is that you came across various well know and celebrated personalities through out the world, ranging from CEO’s to big film stars.

You know their likes and dislikes, what all they prefer. You work for them and bring smile on their face.

7. Varieties of working spaces to choose from

This industry is not only restricted to hotels, it has opened gates to Cruise liners, Malls, Commercial Airplanes etc. It solely depends on you where you want to work. The world opens up with the scope of the hospitality industry.

8. We have some of the most interesting work stories to share everyday

As we came across various personalities everyday, we have the best stories to share. We know how to build a great conversation.

Guess what Salman khan is staying at our hotel and he remembers my name !!

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