Prajakta Mahale, alumni of IHM Hyderabad, works for Starbucks, an internationally reputed coffee chain. She did her industrial training from hotel JW Marriott – Pune. She joined as a housekeeping assistant after graduation. After eight months, She left the hotel industry to join a specialty restaurant and from there she joined Starbucks and currently working as a barrister trailer.

In this exclusive interview with she has shared his experiences. Enjoy Reading!

How would you describe your college days?

My college had great infrastructure and faculty. We had a restaurant in our college premises, where we used to work during evening hours. There was a perfect blend of academic and extra-curricular activities.

How was your industrial training at JW Marriott Pune?

Industrial training at JW Marriott Pune was good because from an educational perspective I got to learn a lot of things; like how a hotel functions. The industrial training gave me an opportunity to combine the theory with practice.

How many hours you had to work there in a day?

It used to depend on the department. On an average, I used to work for 10 to 13 hours daily. In case of banquet department, I used to work for 16 to 18 hours at a stretch.

How was the work environment at JW Marriott Pune?

The work environment at JW Marriott Pune was good. Everyone in the team was friendly but at times – approach for the trainees are really dominating.

What made you leave the hotel industry altogether?

I started my career with the housekeeping department. The reason for leaving the hospitality industry altogether was since housekeeping department was physically tiring and arduous and I couldn’t manage to keep up my work-life balance. I wanted to pursue some other things simultaneously but couldn’t do because of the working hours.

What made you join the Retail Industry?

I have been keen to join the Retail Industry but at my principal insistence I tried my best to stay in the hospitality industry by giving full effort to adjust into the surroundings, but somehow my heart didn’t adjust, and therefore I was forced to leave this industry forever.

What are the career prospects of Retail Industry?

Retail Industry is dynamic and the growth rate is swelling year by year. The growth rate of the Retail Industry is much better in terms of career and monetary compensation than compared to the hospitality industry.

What according to you is better hotel industry or Retail Industry?

It depends on the individual. Every person has its own perspective. In my opinion, Retail Industry is much better than the hospitality industry because in the hospitality industry you won’t get time for yourself. You won’t be able to maintain work-life balance whereas in Retail Industry you have ample time for yourself and for your career growth. I want to start a coffee shop chain in near future.