Sharad Sureshkumar, Assistant Beverage Manager at Monin in this interview with has shared his experience. Enjoy Reading!

How would you summarise your journey in the hospitality industry so far?

During my schools days I was very poor in studies. I did my automobile course from Don Bosco. I worked with Honda, Toyota and Maruti Suzuki in Powai Auto Works as an accident supervisor. I was not very passionate about automobiles. I was financially very weak and I needed more money, so I joined B.P.O as calling agent. I remember an incident when I went to party, there I saw a bartender and his flare shows. It was very appealing. I got interested in bars. So I decided to go for bartending course.

I did my course form Barwings Academy, Mumbai. I started working behind the bar in Thalassa, Goa with Marigetty one of the best bosses who always supported me. Then I came back to Mumbai and started working with Allia hospitality. I worked there for two years then I got an opportunity to work with Dimitri lezinska in Koko as bartender and I frequently joined it.

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What kind of problem you faced in this industry?

You will face lots of problems till the moment you don’t have enough knowledge or you don’t speak well.  So, it’s better to gain some basic knowledge before entering the arena. Luckily I never faced any such problems; my experience behind the bar was very great.

What according to you is the thing which makes you different from other bartenders?

The thing which makes me different from other bartenders is, I talk a lot with my guest and I make a certain degree of relationship with them. I always have a good relationship at my work place. Be good to everybody and be a good human then you will different from others for sure.

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As a assistant beverage manager what are your responsibilities?

I would like to thank Saksham Impex for giving me the opportunity to work with them and their brands. Currently I am taking care of Monin Angostura Fever Tree Tonic, Acqua Panna and Sanpallegrino. My current responsibilities are to help to develop the beverage menu; taking session’s regarding beverages, giving training to the staffs and master-class. I represent my companies in front of the clients and maintain good relationship with them. Work on costing for beverage part, make them connected with the authorized distributors so they can make profit through the best price.