Introduce yourself to our readers. (Which generation of lawyer are you?) Please tell us about your family back ground?

Hi folks, I am from city of Sangam (Allahabad) have done schooling from St. Mary’s Convent. Law is a complete new field for me as well as for my family. Hence, I am a first generation lawyer facing all the challenges with the support of my family. I belong to a family where I am surrounded by the doctors and engineers.

Where did you go for your schooling? What were your aspirations when you were in school?

I had always been captivated by the legal fraternity and the zeal with which they pursue the path of providing justice for their clients. I was always inclined towards debates and have always been always laying words in the line. I decided that if there was a career which I wanted to pursue it had to be in the legal domain and thereafter once I started with my course work there was no looking back. The entire subject was and is still captivating.

Your experience at Amity Law School? Apart from studies which were other activities in which you were involved passionately?

Amity has given me various platforms. Every single year of my five 5) years course was a new learning. Apart from regular academics I have been active sports and cultural person. Since I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, I have many a times represented my department and Amity aswell at various levels.

Could you tell about your internship experiences? What sort of internships did you prefer and what learning experiences did you gain from it?

In complete 5 years I, have done 12 internships. So, when I joined college I was just not sure about what to do in future (like every fresher) so I decided to go with the flow and started with High court for internship in my first year and thereon I, tried my hand in legal cells of private sector (Sahara, Coca-cola, HCL)  followed my various law firms including AZB & partners, UKCA chambers where I learned how is litigation in Supreme court and lastly I, completed my final internship by interning in Ministry of Finance in my final year. I was always fascinated by the corporate world and always wanted to work in the corporate environment and possibly that helped me a lot in getting my first job with Lall Lahiri and salhotra.

Any remarkable experiences during your internships that shaped your career?

I understand that essential and most important factor of doing internship is the learning part but folks, truly speaking for me the best parts about internships are the networks, connections and link we make for ourselves and legal fraternity is all about healthy networks. For the same I recommend all my juniors and friends to use professional networking website Linkedin very efficiently.
P.S: Linkedin helped me with my first job.

What were your areas of interest during your graduation? How did you go about developing expertise and knowledge in these areas?

The good thing about law schools is that the five years give you enough time and traction to set your goals straight and decide definitively what you want to do in life. You really don’t need to have a set career path chosen in the first year of college itself. There is nothing wrong if you do but don’t be scared if you don’t. At the end of the day, that is what law schools are for, to throw enough experience at your face over the course of five years that you are able to make the right choice or at least land around the vicinity of what you want. Internships will always provide you with the seminal moments in which you would understand the kind of work you are comfortable with. So a student has to smartly utilize his/her vacation periods and try to have as many different internship experiences as possible.

What are your thoughts on activities like mooting, debating and publications in law? What skills do law students acquire by engaging themselves in such activities and their value on CV?

Mooting skills boosts up the confidence level of the student, so every law student should participate in moot court which is a fun with learning technique, which is ultimately going to give you fruits in future. It will add value to your CV [that you prepare for fetching a job] and a lot of exposure comes to you. Practice makes a man perfect but only perfect practice makes perfect.

Don’t forget the small things while making the presentable submission as small things brings perfection and perfection itself is not a small thing.

I have been actively participating in all these activities. It is not sure that we will get the success but it is for sure that we will make new learning.

Did you find that your law schools education had prepared you sufficiently for the many tasks you were required to execute during your internships and later at your job?

One of the major important aspect of Law school these days provides active involvement of students in extra-curricular activities. I have been convener of the Cultural Committee as well as the Moot Court Co-coordinator. The immense experience of working in a team or leading a group for a common cause that I got while holding various positions have contributed in my personal grooming and this made me confident enough.

On the other side internships have been very fruitful, given the fact that it exposed me to the working of an in house legal team , Courts, Ministry and yes Law firms  which had premised itself to a hands on approach to all its work contrary to the popular opinion people have of in house work. My internships thought me managing time.

Now you are practicing independently at Allahabad High Court. What inspired you to choose litigation as your profession?

I started as an Associate- Corporate department of Lall lahiri and Salhotra. That was my first step in the world of Corporate. I got a lot of guidance from my seniors, went through various drafting training and learnt quite a lot about how this actual legal fraternity works. Challenges were never ending and I was in whole new world . The job entailed that I was always in line with corporate legal updates. I learned and developed many skills which made me better person today.

Litigation was never in my pipe line, I always had this perception that it is only for the generation lawyers. After thinking for months I realized that its not late to take this risk and try hands in litigation and there I decided to shift to Allahabad High Court and started litigation.

Trust me, litigation world is complete different and full of new experiences and enthuses every day. I feel advantaged in choosing litigation, However it is true that the corridors of the courts are no easy place to walk in but It’s no secret that working hard seems to be the deciding factor between those with talent who fail, and others who put that talent to work and excel.

How much grades matter in securing a job and making a career in litigation? Tell us about other activities which play a major role.

I do not deny that academics are one of the most essential factors for the progress of mankind but we should remember that it is not just the factor. I learn every day, with every case, with every research I do, handling our own client is not like holding a coffee mug, we really need to take professional ethics on a serious note. We might not excel in the specific case but we should remember our fraternity is very vast and once a client is always a client may be not directly but for sure indirectly.

We really need to be a confident listener and speaker thereon, but for sure remember not to be over confident.

Once you gain litigation experience and earn your supervising attorney’s trust, you will become more competent and independent. You will work more proactively and handle a variety of tasks without being prompted.

What are the pros and cons of taking litigation as career? People say salary in litigation is drastically low even if you work with a senior advocate. Your take on that.

It is assumed that Juniors should be grateful for anything they’re paid for the ‘first few years’, after all, college doesn’t even teach the basics of practicing in courts. It is also how most first-generation, financially self dependent, ill-networked litigating lawyers will describe their initial years at work.

If you’re passionate about practicing law, there are few professions which are as fulfilling and as challenging.

Also, for all of us who care, make sure the next generation doesn’t have to go through the same obstacle course that you did, for starters by paying a respectable amount of money.

It’s just a walk on fire for few years after that it will for sure be as smooth as skating on Ice rink.

So, stay 🙂 and choose litigation.

What would be your parting message to law students who want pursue career in litigation?

Folks, firstly I would say thank you for visiting this page. And all the very best for your future endeavours. Litigation allows for tremendous personal and career skills advancement, professional respect, excellent compensation and benefits, the potential for bonuses and a coveted seat in the front of the courtroom. If you are contemplating a career in litigation, these advantages of working in litigation can help you choose the right career path.. Hence be happy with the certainty that you have added in your life. Just remember to have fun while you are at it.

As President Roosevelt so eloquently stated, there is nothing more gratifying than “spending yourself in a worthy cause,” and litigation is certainly no exception.