Siddharth Mittal, alumnus of Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management, in this exclusive interview with has shared his experiences. Enjoy reading!

How would you like to introduce yourself?

I am a 22-year-old curious hotelier. I like to diffuse positivity wherever I go. I like to be happy and try to make people happy as well. A smile is something I chase all the time and Hospitality Industry is a great platform to do the same.

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What was the reaction of your family when you opted for Hotel Management?

Although the hospitality industry is booming and the potential is tremendous, being from a family of professors and engineers, it was really difficult to communicate it to the family members. But it was just my parents who supported me and helped me swim this discussion.

How was your life at Chandigarh Institute of hotel management? 

I am an alumnus of Chandigarh Institute of hotel management. Any hotel management institute is unlike any other conventional colleges. The aim is to nurture and produce top of the line hospitality professionals for which tremendous amount of etiquette and professionalism needs to be inculcated and my college life was no different.

Which things you liked most at your college and which things you think need to be improved?

The colleges have a huge gap when it comes to the industry-academia interface. There is a pronounced gap between what is taught and what is applicable in the industry which needs to be bridged as soon as possible. What the industry really demand can not be taught at institutes.

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How was your industrial training?

I did my internship at the Taj Mahal Palace – Mumbai and I am currently working as an executive at the same hotel. The brand trains and grills you well and leaves no stone unturned to develop you as an hotelier.

No job is easy, and so is a job in Hospitality industry. It ranges from 9 hours to the demand at the moment. If you can not stand by the need of the hour, it’s better not to travel the road less traveled. Always remember that hardworking pays and if coupled with smart work, it rewards.

Do you think interns be provided with at least the minimum wage rate?

I think the focus needs to shift from the wage structure to the learning perspective. During internships, it’s very important to pay the threshold to satisfy the commuting expense.

How did you decide to go for a particular department to make your career?

I stepped into this industry with a dream of becoming a chef, like any other student. However as the time progressed, I ended up building a strong inclination towards the food and beverage service aspect.

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Where are you working as of now?

I am just a year old in the hospitality industry. I have started my innings with the best in the business – The Taj Mahal Palace – Mumbai.

How much marks matters in securing a job in the Hospitality industry?

The marks secured definitely acts as a game changer. It’s a testimony of your commitment and knowledge that you have gained through the course of three years.

Message for young students of the hospitality industry?

It’s an amazing industry with great prospects. Just be calm and composed and chase your dreams. Nothing can stop you.

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